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Please join Henderson International School and a panel of preschool experts for a free potty-training seminar on Wednesday, Oct. Potty training is one of the first significant milestones in a toddler’s young life, and for many parents, its one of the first major hurdles to overcome.
For some families, potty training can become a battle of wills and series of setbacks that lead to frustration.  The important thing to remember is, timing is key.
There are some key behaviors that you can look for to help recognize when your child is ready to graduate from diapers.
No matter which method you choose for your child, HIS Preschool Director Annette Sooper says you can take some simple steps to help your child avoid accidents. Preschool teacher Megan Zappulla said it’s important to dress children in clothing that they can easily remove themselves. Preschool teacher Carrie Rozsell said parents need to know going in, accidents will happen. Henderson International’s preschool program begins right around age three, once the child is potty trained. I’ve heard the fables that potty training a second kid is easier and I desperately wanted it to be true. Luckily, I mentioned it to a friend of ours and she explained a kid-centric method she used for her son last year. I had to schedule a weekend (3 days) to do it, and it was important that it would be just the two of us. Most children are potty trained around age three, right at the time they should be ready to enter a preschool program. Does she let you know through words or behaviors that she’s aware that she’s having one?
She said when children first begin the process, they want to visit every bathroom to explore.
It sounded pretty supportive of the kiddo and how they feel about the process, which I really liked.
I had my husband schedule that friday off and he planned to take our older kiddo out for the day. This free event features five stages of live music along Denver’s 16th Street Mall on Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy a tour of the Four Mile House Museum – a Denver Landmark, panning for gold, and meeting our many farm-animals! Taking your toddler on vacation and trying to stay on the training schedule can be a bit of an overwhelming experience for parents.
Our panel will share tried and true methods for potty training your toddler in just three days. It is important to remember, potty training your child earlier does not prove anything about your parenting skills or child’s intelligence or development. My oldest son got it easily just after he turned 3, so I hoped (at the very least!) his little brother would be the same way.

There are a few different versions, I have tried almost all of them but start potty 3 day program was the best. There are some basic rules you can follow to keep your child on the path to diaper freedom while you are away from home.The first step to making sure you stay on target while you are away on vacation is planning. He was so close to needing to go #2 that he ran to me freaking out, but wouldn’t go inside. We seem to have an open window but I worry that we are too close to the new baby transition so I keep putting it off. Before you start on your vacation start your toddler going to the bathroom in other locations. We tried nekkid time, using the little potty, using the big potty, bribes; anything I could think of.
I first thought of it as a backup plan, but after a few weeks I realized it was my only option.
He looked freaked out, but with all of us supporting him the entire way to the garbage can, he tossed them in to our cheering and was excited. Outing, trips, public restrooms, stubborn toddlers, night time training, potty fears and so much more.
We are due with our second in September and I cannot have a four year old and a newborn in diapers. If you are using a dedicated baby potty you may want to consider switching at this point to a toilet training seat cover for a regular toilet.
I hope that my sharing this helps a couple of people with their challenging-to-potty-train kiddo!
This will allow you to take the toilet with you wherever you go and give your child a familiar potty regardless of location.
Saturday, he actually held it in and I gave him pear juice that night, hoping it would help him need to go Sunday. Sunday, he had a small #2 accident and then got one in the potty, and he was really excited. This will get them familiar with going on the toilet at locations outside of their home.For potty training, scheduling has a great deal to do with success.
I knew he was ready (he had proven this during a nekkid time when he held it from 8-2!) and was simply scared of the change from diapers to the unknown. If you are used to taking your child to the bathroom every hour, try to stick with this schedule on vacation even if you are driving in the car and even if they say they do not need to go.
Oh, and the loud flush sound (they are quiet in our house, but the one at the gym is loud and he first heard it at the worst time for potty training, right before he turned 3). Make sure that you have familiar objects with the child during this time to help them relax.
And from then on (this is the Sunday following) he’s gotten it all in the potty, no accidents (and no more holding anything back). Favorite reading material is a great idea for this process and gives them something to help calm them in an unfamiliar location.Acknowledging success is vital when you are on vacation with your toddler.

They need to know that their success is very important and makes you very happy, no matter where they are. This having been said, it is also very important that you try to shy away from showing too much disappointment with accidents. There will be accidents while on vacation and being prepared to handle them with as little drama as possible is very important to not setting your progress back several steps. Remaining calm and simply dealing with the situation is the key.If you need to leave home for an extended period of time for any reason, know that traveling makes training much more challenging. While you shouldna€™t schedule any long vacations duringA your expected training period, sometimes things come up and you must travel.Perhaps your toddler is taking a long time getting used to the idea of using the potty all the time and they arena€™t completely trained when you need to travel. That means to go potty before leaving and no liquids on the road a€“ well, minimal liquids. Putting a diaper on him or her now can only confuse.Take along the potty chair or adapter seat. Make note of rest areas along the way where you may be able to stop for a potty break.Carry extra tissues and sanitizing gel for strange bathrooms. I always liked to have an extra roll of toilet paper in my purse along with a huge bottle of Germ-X. You never can be too sure what type of situation youa€™ll be getting into.Always choose the handicap or family bathroom.
Have them accompanied by a trusted adult a€“ at all times!Pack a waterproof sheet, small plastic tablecloth, or heavy plastic bag to cover mattresses, or a rubber-backed bathroom rug that rolls ups easily for travel. Worry about training or retraining when you get back home.Watch your childa€™s diet while on the road.
A change in diet during family vacations is likely to bring about a change in bowel habits, either constipation or diarrhea, and a corresponding slump in training progress.I know this from experience.
While training my dear daughter, she showed interest in the potty just prior to a trip to Florida with my in-laws.
She was doing quite well a€“ and then the road trip began.The whole entire trip, she was unable to make it to the bathroom in time because she had diarrhea nearly the whole time we were gone.
She was completely frustrated and mad at herself for not being able to continue what she had started at home.Of course, once we got home, it was only a day before she was back in the old routine and completely using the potty consistently. Spending some time and actual effort to make a very good articlea€¦ but what can I saya€¦ I hesitate a lot and don’t seem to get anything done.
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