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Well, now, for all you mothers out there who read my last article on potty training (Sept–Oct 2007) and said to yourself, “The only reason she could potty train her first child is because all she had was one, and so had lots of time,” I have completely discredited your presumptions. Lots of mothers have said to me, “Well, I just do not have the time, and after all, it is not that the baby is trained; it is the mother who is trained to remember to take them.” So? Step three: You never know when your new baby is going to go potty at this age, because they are not very consistent. By the time your baby boy is three months old, his back is beginning to get a little stronger so he can hold himself up better as you hold him on the potty.
At about three months old, Laila was beginning to control (hold) her bowel movement until I put her on the potty. One of the best things about baby potty training is that you are training your baby to learn self-control.
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When I 1st read this article, I was pregnant with my 1st child, and I have to admit that I was skeptical. Why do you need to command your child to do something that all children manage to do quite well without any in put from anyone? While I admit changing a dirty diaper is not high on my list of fun – it is something I graciously do for my child until he or she has the muscle control to handle the job herself.
I think the elimination communication is great, but not if you’re looking at it from a standpoint of controlling your child. My baby is now six and a half months old and she definitely shows how she controls her bowel movements!
I Want My Potty By Tony Ross – A little princess is tired of wearing diapers so she eventually learns how to use the potty and rid herself of the diapers. My Big Girl Potty By Joanna Cole – Ashley learns to use the toilet with some help from a favorite stuffed bunny. The Princess and the Potty By Wendy Cheyette Lewison – A  diaper-wearing princess rejects a variety of fancy potties her parents get from all over the kingdom. Potty By Leslie Patricelli – A board book about a toddler who has to go potty but is intimidated. I woke her bright and early and after a nice breakfast and after everyone was ready to go we headed to school.
When we got to school we headed to the kindergarten entrance and Maya found the line for her class. When the end of the day finally rolled around Anna and I walked over to the school and picked Maya up. It was no surprise when Maya wanted us to bring out the jolly jumper for Anna when she was still to young to even hold her own head up for any length of time. I feel like I was just writing about Anna’s sleep regression and the resulting lack of sleep for both her and I, and now here I am about to tell you how amazingly she is sleeping.
Between the great napping and the super awesome night time sleep I finally feel like she is getting the sleep she needs, and I am too ?? The girl loves her sleep. So, for all you other mamas out there with kiddos going through sleep regressions, hang in there, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
For now I have my second little girl potty trained, and that while working for NGJ, teaching and training Gracie, gardening, doing yard work, keeping house, cooking, and entertaining my husband who is around most of the time. I hear many mothers say, “All I do is nurse and change diapers and nurse again.” Then, why not use that same time to begin training your child for when she is two?
So, what you do is, every time they do go in their diaper, instead of going to the changing table and pretending all is well and normal for a child to poop on themselves, go to the bathroom and put them on the toilet.
If you have been faithful in putting him on the potty every chance you get, then by now you can put him on the potty and say your word, and he will most likely go for you.
And, even if she did not need to go, if I put her on and told her to, she would try to go and did on most occasions.
To have a five-month-old wait to be put on the potty and then obey Mama’s voice when you say that special word to him and see him go potty for you, then you are not only beginning to train your baby in self-control, but obedience — almost from the womb.

She will put up quite a fuss if I get too busy and forget to take her to the potty, until she cannot hold it any longer. It is not productive to allow your children to establish habits that you plan on training out of them when they are older and understand better. I am going to put together a book of potty-training ideas that will be helpful for all of us.
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Unfortunately my son was 8 months old before I found out about No Great Joy so it was a little late at that point.
I plan on staying at home with the baby the first year but my concern is; if I have to leave my baby with someone that can’t go with her to the toilet will the child psychologically be trained to wait until someone can take her to go?
Raising children shouldn’t be about controlling them, it should be about teaching them how to eventually become independent followers of the Almighty God. That made it easier for me to wait till the time was right (child at least 2.5, weather warm outside so there were minimal clothes). It is not violating the baby’s natural biological functions, or some twisted way of getting control and obedience. Learning to crawl, sit up, pull up, walking on her knees while holding onto something, clapping and waving all mastered in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much for capturing Nora’s sweet and adorable 9 month old personality so perfectly, Brenda! She can sit up pretty well unassisted now and has even begun to trying to get herself into a seated position on her own. She is babbling up a storm and loves exercising her voice with babbles, bubbles, giggles and squeals. I’m so used to having her around, and even when she was in preschool it was only 3 days a week for half days. My arms were not prepared for the endless jumping and bouncing, it was quite an arm workout.
I started putting Anna in the jolly jumper for short bursts when she was about 4 months old. I put her in the jolly jumper and she immediately started bouncing, jumping and spinning around.
Something clicked for Anna in the last couple of weeks and now she is sleeping like a total champ. She returned first to getting up only once at night and each night her first stretch of sleep was a little longer. Fotosearch helps you find the perfect stock image, royalty free photo, stock photograph, picture or graphic. Gracie was potty trained from a newborn to poop on the pot, and now my second little girl is ten months, but she has also been potty trained to poop on the pot since she was born. If your statements are unfounded or "just because I say so" we are not likely to include them. He’s now 20 months and I want to start potty training but can find no info on your site about how to train a 20 month old. At 9 months old I bought her a potty chair intending to start using it once she could walk, but my curiousity got the best of me and I decided to try it.
Anyone who is very familiar with the No Greater Joy method of training would not take the article this way.
Every so often, in the middle of her play, she’ll crawl up to me and climb into my lap for a snuggle.
She recently graduated to having a bath in the big tub and Anna and Maya fight over who gets to have a bath with her! She rolls and scoots where ever she needs to go and is up on her hands and knees rocking a lot trying to figure out how to make herself go forward. Fadden, that they were all pretty worn out from their big first day, but they were all smiles. Given her love of jumping and bouncing we figured she would be a big fan of a doorway jolly jumper so we picked one up at our local baby retailer.
We also sell discs containing royalty free stock photos, stock photographs, pictures, and graphics. You are trying to set a norm so that when they are one year old, it will be easy to just go right from diapers to panties. I love to take Laila to the potty and know that if I tell her to go potty, she will cheerfully sit there and go.
I say, train now while the training can be fun, and that way you will not have to go to war with your children over a habit that you “taught” them in the first place.
To my amazement the very 1st time I sat her down and told her to “potty,” she did! Why would an adult who does have control of this function and has the ability to walk them self to the toilet wear a diaper?

The first time she saw my daughter pee on the toilet after I said the “Potty word”, she was sold! She can hands and knees crawl but prefers her own little version of the army crawl to get around, she is so, so fast. Last night I cut up some pieces of bananas for her and she fed herself bananas and cheerios for dinner. I managed to keep it together all through drop off but as I was driving to the grocery store after leaving the school I had a good little cry. Maya was full of stories on the walk home of all the fun things they did today and things they get to do tomorrow. Eventually she started to enjoy sitting in it but hadn’t really figured out that she could make the thing move. At the height of her sleep regression she wasn’t napping well, only taking short 30 minute naps and never seeming particularly rested. Buy photographs and get immediate image file downloads, or get fast, cheap delivery on CD-ROM or DVD. She is not perfect, but I never get that greenish brown stink on my hands in the grocery store. If you are out somewhere and you notice that they are going potty, do not just sit there and laugh at them, “Oh, isn’t she so cute? It would be very hard to catch a baby peeing in their diaper, especially boys, because it seems that they are always tinkling. Do this in every aspect of your life, and you will not only have obedient children, you just might be a happy camper yourself.
I raised 3 children and the thought of controlling my children’s bowel movements was never at the top of my list. She (my mom) now is just as excited as I am every time someone wants to hear about Ec’ing… God bless and happy potty times!
She demonstrated several of her recently acquired skills including waving at the doc when she came in the room and clapping and cheering when found out it was a shot free appointment The doctor was very impressed with her development and was not at all surprised she was already pulling up on furniture and trying to cruise.
She spends most of the day pulling up on things and trying to figure out how to use that as a means to get around.
Fadden, came out and greeted all the kiddos and walked them down the hallway to their classroom. She was getting up 2-3 times a night, which, as I mentioned in my previous post, was so uncommon for her. One afternoon rocking her wasn’t working so I decided to just put her in her bed and see what happened. It is NOT true that infants have no control over the muscles involved in defecating until they are almost two. Normally parents aren’t allowed to accompany the kids into their class but her teacher made an exception today so we could see where they will sit and get a nice class picture. So, as a side note, don’t be too quick about bragging, because the moment you do, your baby will throw you for a loop. She is already stretching out to reach close by objects and trying to figure out if she can go from one thing to the next without having to sit down and crawl. It was so cute watching all these nervous 5 year olds navigate around the room, collect their name tags and pencil boxes and find a seat. I was hopeful our sleep troubles would be short lived as that had been my experience when Maya went through a similar phase during her babyhood.
Just say your “potty” word to them, and if you know they are going, run them to the bathroom if you are home. This method of potty training also opens your awareness to how much your baby can communicate as they very quickly learn to let you know when they need to go. Potty training a child too young, or before they are mature enough can cause many problems, including physical ones. The next day I did the same thing for naps and she napped over an hour in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Since then she has been napping wonderfully and seems so much more rested and her awake times last a little longer. He thinks it’s normal for everyone to go on the potty, especially as he watches me take his two week old sister to the potty. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it, but I figure it saves me a lot of work later on. If you think I must have a lot of extra time on my hands to potty train this way, I assure you with 4 children, homeschooling, 20 acres to keep wet (we live out west and have to irrigate everything) milk cows and all the regular house wifely things time is precious.
We use cloth diapers, and while I am not squeamish I sure don’t mind spending my time sitting on the toilet with an infant rather than washing out pooped in diapers. I figure on average between all of my children from the time they were a month or two old 90- 95% of the time I had no messy diapers and 70 – 80% of the pee went in the toilet also.
I don’t have to take diapers with me when I go out, and most important my children never had to go through the sometimes frightening and difficult transition from diaper to toilet.

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