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Now that I have the husband breathing down my neck and giving me a guilt trip … I am somewhat motivated.
Decided it would be motivating to start the day by giving a Sayonara Diapers speech to the new recruit at Potty Boot Camp. We proceeded to throw all her super expensive organic diapers into a glorious 3 foot heap in the backyard for Celebratory Bonfire. Made my baby completely neurotic and possibly have now inflicted future adult urinary trauma by forcing her to sit on the potty every hour despite screams in protest. Starting to get stir crazy and have concocted plan to go out with her Potette (portable potty).

We celebrate the end of Day 1 Potty Training with lots and lots and lots of ¬†lavish praise, handshaking, backslapping, high-fives, knuckles, chest-bumping, and finally … sleep. Noob Mommy is a former teacher, turned stay-at-home coffee addict mom who is trying not to get schooled by her two girls (3 and 7).
She plans to assemble all the sleep-deprived and clueless parents into a powerful league of heroes that will one day defeat the Fussy Baby Apocalypse.
She hasn't slept since 2008, which explains the occasional potty-mouth and dicey parenting advice. Automatic flushing toilets, loud gossipy women with shrill laughter, and raging bathroom techno music = potty regression?

I didn’t know about the existence of the great Potette but I’ll buy one for sure! For the last few months, she’s been using the little potty before her bath time pretty consistently.

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