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September 29, 2014 by jennifer 8 Comments Every week or so, I ask our followers on our Facebook page for tips, tricks and ideas for managing sensory issues and what it’s like being a sensory parent. My son is older and started pooping in his underwear again he will not tell me why and I’m trying to help any hints please ?
I’m going to begin sharing some of your answers and starting a conversation about what it means to be a sensory parent. While there are many questions that come up on The Sensory Spectrum Facebook page and parent discussion group, one that comes up again and again is potty training sensory kids.
I spent three months trying to get my son to successfully poop in the potty, despite him being pee trained. Did you know we have a closed parent discussion group on Facebook — you may get some ideas there.
Lately we have had a complete breakdown of the ability to poop in the potty without first soiling himself and then sticking his hands in his underwear. Read what other people had to say and let’s turn these questions into an ongoing dialogue to share our knowledge with others.

I finally made the brave decision to just call it quits and retry for another three months later that year. As he learns to deal with his sensory issues in the world around him, it’s becoming better. Now, she struggles with bms, often not realizing she has to go until it’s actually coming out of her butt. But she had been pee trained since about 5 years old, which took a lot of work and I had help from her teacher at school. This led to accidents and then anxiety and eventually severe constipation which then led to more accidents because of over flow. He is 10 and still pooping his pants feel like I have tried everything and he keeps pooping his pants! Even if your kid is ready for basic potty training, sensory kids sometimes have an incredibly hard time with BMs. No amount of medication will help if it’s sensory related, at best, it will help stop impaction.

Literally the day she turned 8 years old she sat on the toilet had a bowel movement it clicked and she has never gone back. If he is involved in something like playing outside or on the computer he will poop his pants rather than stop what he is doing.
We do the best we can with reminding her, as does her kindergarten teacher, but when she has to go, she just doesn’t know. What helped her get to that point is if she had to have a bowel movement we had her dump the contents into the toilet and she had to help clean herself up.

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