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The boy wailed and screamed as he struggled to stand up in the mess.In a desperate bid to help her child, the mother was found holding a rake down so that he could hold onto it and keep his head above the slurry. One firefighter had to squeeze himself through the gap wearing a breathing mask to get to the infant.Once down, he held the boy up so his colleagues to could pull him to safety. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Please note that these training pants are NOT intended to function as a diaper or pull-up; those products are used for multiple accidents while keeping the child dry. Our potty training pants come in a variety of sizes and will fit babies, toddlers and kids up to age 6.
For more information on bed wetting, we recommend you reading some of our books on this topic. It doesn't work well for my son.
There weren't any good reviews to help me base my decision on, so I went with the larger size. Our return policy only states that the shipping back to our facility will be incurred by the customer. We also recommend that you only try one of the pants on to see how they fit, so that the remainder can be exchanged.
Night Time Training Pants should be used as a training tool for potty training children, and are designed to help do this.
Both boys are heavy bed wetters, which the typical night time pull ups could not hold up to.

They are not as bulky as the night time training pants because they are made for daytime use.
A little bulky to wear - it wasn't an issue for us but may be to a child who is sensitive to that. Great Pants!!
Can't return them, because it would cost more to exchange them: since I'd have to pay to ship them back and to have them re-shipped.
Due to the nature of the lavatories, it is difficult for young children to keep their balance. These training pants are designed for night time use, even though they are absorbent your child will still feel wet.
I wish there is a way that I could get a refund becasue I now have 4 pair that is not good. Not sure if the snaps that do not work well are because of how they are sewn in or just a bad batch.
They are water resistant, so it takes a while longer for the pee to seep through, but they are not water-proof.
They are certainly less messy than underwear, -just don't think you are getting the cloth equivalent of a pull-up. Our child is a very heavy sleeper and doesn't wake if she wets herself and is resistant to getting up in the night.
I took his pull up off and told him to throw it away, we have been using these undies for 5 days and I bought him angry bird undies as well.

I am happy to have a reusable training paint and no longer need to buy disposable pants but so far no real progress on finishing up the night time potty training. My daughter looks like baby Huey and she doesn't feel like it's a step up to big pants more of a step down to baby diapers.. And I probably won't use them in the winter because I imagine it would be annoying to have so much material stuffed in her pants. Very absorbanr both day and night whenever she can't make it to her potty chair! Works great!
My daughter loves them because they snap off easily when she wears them for nightime and naps.
Some people in other reviews complained about how long it took the pants to dry but I find they dry in the same amount of time as other cotton items like towels. We started out with only a couple of pairs of these and the other patty potty logo pullup training underwear.

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