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But this particular morning he was ON BOARD for the undies and he kept them dry from 8 AM til the nap at noon.
Perhaps I am dropping the ball here by not insisting my 25 month old comply with our regimen or perhaps I am getting more realistic.
We've been doing the potty learning for a year now, and he's had bladder control for eight months, easy. Since I'm the one at home in the morning mopping up cereal messes and infant spit up, its usually my call if I feel up to mopping up a urine mess, too.

But apparently the *correct* way to potty train is like ripping off the band aid and JUST DOING IT. Since I am kind of crazy in love with cloth diapering and still crazy as can be with two littles at home, I am not pressing the issue too far. I feel more like cautiously peering under the band aid to see how things are going instead of ripping it off.
Blake was just down right stubborn he knew everything and could do it just wanted to use his independance and not do it.

A friend of our was watching him during the summer and he loved riding her dad's tractor.

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