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Crown backrest with special message: His Majesty's Throne 4 x 6 photo frame to make it his own!
However, my daughter is not that motivated to sit on it, and as a result, we’ve had a few potty training setbacks. Then she surprised herself by peeing on the floor so she quickly sat down to correct her mistake. I think if she had one of the ridiculous potties featured below, that probably never would have happened. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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Durable, flexible in that it's a self contained unit and you can remove the seat to put onto your own toilet later.
After all of two seconds, before anything happened, she stood up impatiently and put the potty on her head. He loves the music when he goes to the toilet and it's a real incentive for him to actually stay seated long enough to go! It is worth the extra money to purchase this potty than have to buy a separate potty and kid's toilet seat later.

My son is definitely not soft handed and this potty has withstood being stood on, dropped down stairs and having heavy toys smashed onto it.
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