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With just one chart, you get 5 professional speedsters: Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc Hudson, Ramone and Sheriff! Sign up for the FREE weekly GROWletter and your downloads will be available to you after you confirm your subscription. I made my own sticker chart for Erik, but I think he’d like the Lightning McQueen one SO MUCH MORE!!
You can reward you child for desired potty behaviors such as: taking his pants down by himself!

The best part is that they are all available here for you to download and use with your little ones! We aren’t ready for potty training with Shae just yet but that Princess potty chart will come in handy once she is ready. Ms princess is still not mentioning anything about the potty ?? even though I encourage her to.
Choose from an array of FREE stickersor, get the BRAND NEW CARS STICKERS!Download your Cars Potty Training Chart in PDF or JPEG format.

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