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As a parent, you have to face many situations and circumstances when you’ll be in a fix as to what step to make and which to avoid. To avoid constipation in your child, make sure he gets a lot of fiber including fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts and legumes. Another good way to avoid constipation is to make sure that your child gets a lot of exercise on a regular basis.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you child needs to follow an exercise program but must be allowed to run around and by physically active.
Bear in mind, the consistency and frequency of stools changes day to day as these are directly dependent on what we eat. To be certain about whether your child is constipated or not, it is best to consult with your pediatrician. We have many other potty training tips to help parents with their potty training questions. Need more potty training tips and advice on potty training problems or just general advice, check out all of our Potty Training Articles! Which product is stopping people in their tracks at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week? This toilet-training device with a special holder for an iPad allows kids to be entertained while learning to use the potty. Yes, having a good two-way communication about poop helps baby relax into the trust that you'll take him to the potty when he needs to go. And, yes, ECers typically catch most, if not all, of the #2s a baby makes because babies have a strong instinct to not soil themselves (who would want to mess their own pants?). He was having loads of gas and seemed uncomfortable, with a disturbance to his nighttime sleep (waking 2-4 times a night instead of his usual 1 time). I am going to cover a few other things first and then I'll tell you what happened when I pulled out the magic trick for curing our baby's constipation. I call solid foods a "disrupter" only because EC can go very, very smoothly until the time solid foods are introduced.
When doing EC from an early age, like I said above, we get used to catching all of the wet poops pretty consistently (if you don't, that is also normal, and fixable).

Since those doing infant potty training are very in-tune with their baby's pee and poo patterns (moreso than a person using diapers full-time), ECers typically realize there's constipation much earlier than others.
She fed him one entire pouch of pureed prunes, by spoon because doing it himself at this age was super-messy, and he slopped them all up like a pro. She left and I had some work to finish up on this website and my other, Tiny Undies, so I kept truckin. I put him on the bathroom floor on a towel, Isadora brought the wet wipes to me, and I attempted to undress him from this disaster. It wasn't solid logs like it had been every other day before the constipation began, and since we started solids. I wiped most of it off with wet wipes and then we three took a delicious bubble bath to do a deep clean. He had a poop this morning, as this happened yesterday afternoon, and it was a regular solid-food-fed poop - like a tiny Yorkie doggie turd - so I guess I'm a little sad that our days of EBF (exclusive breastfeeding) and the associated "easy breastmilk poop catches" are over. Andrea OlsonI'm Andrea and I spend most of my time with my 3 children (5, 2, and 5 months) and the rest of my time teaching other new parents how to do Elimination Communication with their 0-18 month babies.
Parenting can be a challenge but if you have sufficient amount of knowledge and information, you can clear every obstacle and raise your child well.  Potty training is one such procedure which forms a part of raising a child.
So to ensure soft stool, try some of the natural laxative items like honey or prune.  This will prevent constipation and pave way for painless potty sessions. It is important for you to be relaxed and patient so as to help your child get the hang of potty training.
At only $40, the iPad doesn’t come with this potty, but it does include a special splash guard for your iPad as well as a pee guard that’s placed at the tip of the pot so your fancy tech gadget doesn’t get wet. Even when doing Elimination Communication with a very young baby, things can get backed up. Cooper, age 5.5 months currently, ECed from birth by this method, hadn't pooped for 2 whole days as of yesterday. Things get into a rhythm with EC and right when you brag to a friend saying, "Oh yeah, he ONLY poops in the potty" about your 4 month old, you have a poop miss.

I asked my sitter to pick up two packages of Plum Organics' Just Prunes pouches on her way over. Cooper was in the room with me in the bouncer chair that hangs from the ceiling (his favorite device, by far). Poop went on his hands, his arms, his chin (thank goodness not his face, but he was clearly unhappy about the whole bit), his chest!, belly, bottom, you name it. I hope that sharing our story of baby constipation, EC and constipation, and remedies will help some of you out there. I love what I do and try to make a difference in one baby or parent's life every single day. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
The American Academy of Pediatrics has made it clear that young kids shouldn’t be in front of screens and as a mom, I’d recommend training kids the old-fashioned way: with a good picture book. With my second, she showed all the signs of wanting to eat solid foods at 4 months, so I began pureeing foods for her, straight off our meal table, at that time. Some do baby-led weaning and let their children explore and "play" with their food as early as they see signs.
Again, I'm making Cooper's baby food from scratch as I did with my other two, but I don't feel like making my own prune puree. But this crazy product, which will be available on Amazon next month, does win a few bonus points for cleverness. With my third, he also showed interest at 4 months and I began him at about 5 months (a few weeks ago) when I began to have time to cook for him post-holiday madness.
Some chomp their own food and feed to baby with their fingers (though if you have gum disease or cavities, I'd avoid it).

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