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Kandoo flushable wipes pop up one at a time and are moistened to help kids get the job done right.
Sew any raw edges you have on the back to avoid fraying.  Stitch the front and back tops, trim any excess down below the bands.
Mom of 2, wife of 1, Sarah is a writer, photographer, Beachbody coach, semi-retired casting director and hostess with the mostess in the Palm Springs desert. With so many potty training methods and products, how do you choose the right items for your toddler?
The disposable inserts absorb a lot of the mess when your toddler uses the travel potty, so clean-up is pretty easy, as well.

This potty seat from Baby Bjorn is adjustable to fit any adult toilet and keeps wiggling, at least from the seat itself, to a minimum.
When you actually make it to a public restroom in time, the Potette Plus can also be used as a sturdy toilet seat insert, making it a great value as a two-in-one product, too.Kalencom Potette Plus Travel PottyA Potty Training BookToddlers are often motivated by silly stuff or make believe time, and potty training is no different. Finding a potty training book your toddler loves can be a great first step in getting him or her interested in using the potty. Kandoo products from Pampers help toddlers clean themselves better and faster, and the kid-friendly packaging means less waste. Storage space on the sides of the potty allow toddlers to hide a few favorite toys for long potty breaks, and also provides space for some toddler wipes or other supplies.

What better example than a doll that drinks water and then uses the potty, just like your toddler? The Emma (girl) and Paul (boy) potty training dolls from Corolle are anatomically correct and come with a refillable water bottle and a doll-sized potty chair. Toddlers will enjoy playing with these dolls both on and off the potty!Corolle Paul Potty Training Doll and Corolle Emma Potty Training DollNo More Diapers Potty Training DVDIf your toddler likes to watch movies, a potty training video may be just the reinforcement he or she needs to use the potty.

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