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With Pet-a-Potty, you can create a generous-sized grassy area for your dog to use as his or her private bathroom. Pet-A-Potty is a dog toilet system consisting of a non-absorbent polyvinyl bin which holds synthetic grass or natural sod and features a slide out tray underneath for drainage and cleaning. The Pet-A-Potty comes in three sizes and can be used with either real sod or synthetic grass.
To clean the Pet-A-Potty, simply pour water or hose down the grass and then dump out the water from the tray. Return Policy for Pet-A-Potty: Used Pet-A-Potties cannot be returned due to sanitary reasons. The necessary sod or synthetic grass is not included with the potty unit, it must be purchased by making your selection and checking the appropriate box below. Please note that if you purchase additional items from the Pet Expertise Warehouse or other Supplier Direct items you may incur additional shipping charges which will be calculated at checkout. One of the biggest and probably the most difficult challenge most dog owners have to face when it comes to training dogs is potty training their beloved dog. A dog that knows it must not go to the bathroom just when they want is certainly a great pet to have to have as a friend.
What most dogs need when it comes is to a how to potty puppies establish a sense of routine for him or her.
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By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. First of all let me say that I got my puppy at 6 weeks and I must be adamant about discouraging anyone else from thinking of getting a puppy that young!  Don’t do it!  For more on that mistake read this article. But to be truthful, that is the reason that he is potty trained at 9 weeks otherwise it would probably be 11 or so before we were on the right track.  But 11 weeks is nothing to scoff at!
When I first got my puppy, I was feeding him about 5 times per day because he was so little and he was extremely possessive and food aggressive so the more he ate, the less angry he was.
But feeding a dog this often, or giving them access to food all of the time means they need to go out more often. Potty training is no easy matter, and honestly it is not about the puppy, it is about making sure you get your puppy outside often enough and control his environment. He is either in his crate for short periods of time, or he is on a tie down or a leash with me. He DOES NOT have access to my house and for the brief moments that he has gotten that privilege he has usually snuck off to have an “accident”. By keeping him in a small area he has become uncomfortable to “potty” in his space, so he has started to whine and pull toward the door when he has to go potty. I must also monitor his actions, if he has a lot to drink, chances are he is going to need to go potty right afterward.
If he runs around like a maniac chasing and flinging his toys he is probably going to have to go potty! Too many owners put their puppies outside and “expect” them to go potty, but instead the puppy sees a butterfly or a leaf and chases and plays and then comes back into the house and needs to go potty! Or, he starts to go potty but gets distracted by a noise or something that visually floats past and so he stops mid flow to explore.  As an owner you must be present in order to recognize that he probably wasn’t finished with what he was doing and so he might need more coaxing to finish. If I put my puppy outside alone and didn’t follow him around, and then if I allowed him access to my house would he have accidents?  Sure he would!  The reason he is doing well is because I am diligent in my mommy duties and I hate cleaning up puppy pee and poop. Is my puppy running over and ringing the bellwith his nose yet?  No!  that is the next step! You wouldn’t bring a baby home from the hospital and expect not to have any accidents.  And, parents with toddlers know that kids also have good days and bad days, how then do we expect our animals to be perfect?
Puppies are like babies, they gain bladder control at different times and some are easier to potty train than others. You have to go from one step, cleaning up the occasional accident and getting your puppy outside (i.e. It is now time to hook the bells up to my door knob and start the bell ringing behavior so he can let me know when he needs to go outside.

But he is still little, so chances are he will be on a leash and a tie down here in the house with me for many more weeks!  And, there is nothing wrong with that!
Eventually when he is no longer having accidents, wanting to chase my cats, biting the other dogs in the face, and chewing on everything I will give him the privilege of having access to the house. But at my house, access and freedom is a privilege that needs to be earned and obedience and compliance is the key. I don’t let my puppies develop terrible naughty behaviors because I know that fixing bad behavior is harder than simply avoiding them!
As far as potty training I would just use the indoor doggy grass, which is much less confusing than potty pads.
A common occurrence is I get up to get ready for work, he pees, I go shower, he poops, and when I come out I clean up his poop. We have bitter green apple spray that we’ve been using to get him to only chew on toys which has worked super well (we don’t even have to use it, only show the bottle to get him to stop), and I’ve considered spraying his poop but I don’t want to leave his poop out like an offering to eat it. He just finished his shots yesterday so we’ve gotten the okay to take him out, I suspect that maybe he just needs more exercise? My 8 year old has some mental disabilities and isnt completely potty trained he goes in the same place everytime so we started putting pads down so its easier to clean up is there anything else i can do to help him he goes outside also…. Housebreaking or training your dog where to go potty inside your home is made a lot easier with the right indoor dog potty product.
It isn’t always possible or practical for a pet dog to do his bathroom business outside the house.
Dog pee pads: Also known as dog training pads, these are usually paper pads that have a plastic lining underneath them.
Dog litter boxes: These are pans or boxes that hold dog litter, which is usually made of absorbent paper pellets. Indoor dog potty grass: This dog housebreaking tool consists of a layer of real or fake grass above a containment tray.
Will you be using the indoor dog toilet for training purposes or do you need one for your dog as a long-term or permanent potty? Learning about other dog owners’ experiences with the product they purchased is a good way to help you make a more informed choice about your own selection.
This Ugodog indoor dog potty gets plenty of thumbs-ups from a lot of dog owners for its pet-friendliness and ease of use. These dog pee pads from Gridlock are designed for use by puppies or small-breed (toy) dogs. This PetZoom indoor dog potty grass can be used inside your home, a travel trailer, or on your porch, balcony, and patio. Training your puppy to poop or pee in a designated place inside your house does take considerable time and effort, but it doesn’t have to be unnecessarily difficult.
This flexibility is great because dogs train very easily to the real grass sod but once your dog gets used to going on the Potty you can switch to synthetic which lasts up to a year. If you have had a few dogs in the past then you know potty training dogs is something that can be easy and difficult depending on the situation and the dog you have to deal with. But at the same time, you may be unlucky to deal with the stubborn type that visits the bathroom just when they want to. For example, if you take four walks with your dog or puppy in a day, make sure they go to the bathroom in the middle of the walk. This simply means he or she may go to the bathroom in the house when you don’t want them to, leaving a mean for you to get rid of in the bathroom.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Then I put out some food and we play until I leave (at which point I give him a few treats and leave while he’s distracted). He has a million toys which might also explain why he only sometimes eats poop when we’re both gone (boredom?).
Obviously at first she had a couple house accidents because it was just me watching her, my husband is in the military, and then me and puppy moved to Oklahoma now she is peeing EVERYWHERE.
There are many options available and how can you find out which one’s the right one for your pet, short of buying everything and giving each one a test run?
Also, an adult dog that has been adopted into a new environment may lose his previous toilet training, thus needing to be housebroken anew.
The paper contains a gel that absorbs the liquid, acting pretty much the way a diaper does. These are made of cloth and can be washed by hand or in the washing machine after each use.
The soiled litter is disposed of and new litter is added to the box to make it ready for use again. Puppies younger than this don’t have their bladders sufficiently formed yet for bladder control.

In addition to being super absorbent because of polymer technology, they also have a leak-proof plastic lining to further reduce the risk of messes. We recommend that you check out the products above and their corresponding indoor dog potty reviews to see if one of them could be the best one for your pet’s housebreaking needs.
You may also try putting your keyword in the search box above or click on one of the categories on the left.
Fortunately for you, there are some things that can be done that can help make the process easier than imagined.
That way your dog will know what is OKAY by you and they wont have to panic if they have to go outside. If you misinterpret any of these signals, the implication could be that they go to the bathroom in the house which is definitely not what you want for your dog. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
This page will give you some important information to help you choose the perfect indoor potty device for your dog.
Or maybe the dog owner works in an office all day and there isn’t anyone else in the house to let the dog out. Puppy pee pads are treated with a substance that make them give off a scent that attracts dogs to them and make them want to go to the bathroom there. Dog owners can purchase puppy training pad trays separately, which are helpful in protecting the floor from urine, especially when puppies are still in the early learning stages and haven’t yet mastered the skill of peeing in the center of the pad. Litter box training is mostly suitable for puppies and small-breed adult dogs since the boxes are too small for large dogs to sit comfortably in. A potty training box that uses real grass needs the grass to be replaced every week or twice a month. Furthermore, you’ll see which products are the most popular among consumers based on their indoor dog potty reviews.
Maybe the owner lives in an apartment in a high-rise building and doesn’t have a fenced-in yard where a puppy can poo or pee. What owners usually do is to position a new pad closer to the front door each time the dog uses one, until the time comes that a pee pad can be placed outside.
Buying litter regularly for use in a dog litter box is an added household expense, but to many people it’s a small price to pay for effectively toilet training a puppy. Synthetic grass layers, on the other hand, can be washed and then placed back in the potty trainer. Sometimes people are unable to take thier dogs out so we have no choice, if we want to have a dog.
She is 14 weeks and we are having a tough tough time potty training her we really need some help and advice so if anyone can give us like a detailed way to help us solve this problem that would be wonderful.
We have to tell her to poop probably three more times until she actually has gotten it all out. Many dog owners prefer a dog grass trainer because they believe it will help their puppy make an easier transition to going to the bathroom outdoors. I am alone and she is my baby girl, she needs more than a disabled person because I can’t do many things with her and she is very active. I trained her to pads and she just uses them when she wants to, other times she pees on the bathroom floor where her pads are. We thought it was just in the morning because we feed her breakfast after she goes but we switched it around and she still continued to stop mid poop. I know she knows better because she pees on the pad every day, several times, then the floor and some days she doesn’t pee on the floor at all.
I hate it when people get them and decide they don’t want them anymore and give them away when they don’t know how well they are going to be cared for, taken to a shelter or even cruelly dropped off some where! I have had 100% sucess in puppy pad training puppies that were 8 weeks old when I got them. I don’t think there is any hope because she acts like she wants to do this for some reason. I know that sounds weird but I also think she does this to get back at me for not feeding her what I eat every time. If I feed her people food she refuses to eat her food and if I don’t have anything to feed her, she waits but will usually eat later.

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