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Set and follow a consistent schedule for taking your puppy outside so that your pet begins to develop a sense of routine for going to the bathroom. In addition to choosing consistent times to take your puppy outside for a bathroom break, it's also advisable to select a particular location for each break to take place. Perhaps the most important housebreaking tip of all is to remember that patience is the key to success.
While teaching a puppy to go to the bathroom outside rather than in the house is a challenging task, it's certainly not one that's impossible.
This command should be used when your puppy is in a location where it is acceptable for him or her to go to the bathroom.

Ideally, choose a time that is approximately 30 minutes after feeding your dog, as well as a few other times throughout the day. Choosing a consistent location is a great way to reinforce the habit of going to the bathroom in an appropriate place. Instead of punishing your puppy when accidents occur, focus your efforts on providing praise when he or she exhibits desired bathroom behaviors.
No matter how stressful the housebreaking process seems, remember that it's worth the effort! Housebreaking success requires consistency, patience and using the right techniques to help your new pet learn appropriate potty habits.

Choose any word that makes sense to you, and use it consistently throughout your housebreaking training efforts. While it would be great if your puppy learned what to do immediately, it's not realistic to expect perfection right away.

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