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Characteristics of Down Syndrome, the Physical Characteristics of Down Syndrome - What do they look like? Characteristics of Down Syndrome, the Physical Characteristics of Down Syndrome – What do they look like? 5… Fixing, correcting and adjusting the physical characteristics associated with Down Syndrome. 1… So, what are the characteristics of Down Syndrome, of a baby with Down Syndrome, that typically makes them physically different from most babies? A baby with Down Syndrome looks pretty much the same as any other baby mostly – For the most part, it takes a well trained eye to spot Down Syndrome characteristics in a baby. The attractive eyes were the only sign, the only physical characteristic of Down Syndrome, we noticed with Jacob and we just put that down to normal variation.
A baby with Down Syndrome may present with the characteristics more obvious, but I think you will see the baby.
However, the following Down syndrome features are features that are very, very typical of a someone with Down Syndrome, but a person with Down Syndrome may NOT have all these features present. Smallish ears, positioned slightly lower on the head, with a small fold at the top of the ear. Also, in the newborns that have to have open-heart surgery, a chest scar becomes a common Down Syndrome characteristic.
If you haven’t seen a picture of Jacob yet, before you mouse over them, see if you can tell which one has Down Syndrome. This makes it difficult to assess treatments for Down Syndrome, like Mannatech glyconutrients, when people make claims the person’s Down Syndrome physical characteristics have improved. When I see Jacob, a five and a half year old boy, the features of Down Syndrome aren’t normally very apparent to me. It might seem odd to you now, as a new parent or parent to be, but, even though the effects on his intelligence are obvious, I don’t really see it. In fact, when I start getting frustrated with him, I have to remind myself that he has Down Syndrome. I still pray every night for him to be free of Down Syndrome, that is one of my duties as his parent and guardian, but I don’t really see Down Syndrome in him, I see him.

Going on adult people with Down Syndrome I see, I know that they are typically shortish and fattish and I think that is how most people picture them. Incidentally, Down Syndrome individuals, according to one study, consume about 300 calories per day more than they should. Growth hormones have problems and are currently contraindicated in kids with Down Syndrome, which is a pity. Any way, next time you are out and about, keep your eyes peeled for those with Down Syndrome and see if you agree with me. Another big determiner of a Down Syndrome characteristic appearance, believe it or not, appears to be the hair style!
One lady, talking sarcastically, made a flippant comment how every person with Down Syndrome she saw in Canada had the bowl style hair cut.
There is a reason for this, I think it is terribly hard to get them still enough and cooperative enough to have a normal haircut – such as short back and sides. People have come to associate a certain hair style as a physical characteristic of Down Syndrome, but hair style is a very modifiable characteristic. By modifying this characteristic of Down Syndrome, hair style, their appearance is seen as more normal. The 13 characteristics of Down Syndrome are still there, but they DON’T tend to be the characteristics of Down Syndrome that people associate with Down Syndrome people! Down Syndrome phenotypic features are normally relatively unimportant in the look of a kid with Down Syndrome. Carolyn and I oppose plastic surgery to alter the physical characteristics of Down Syndrome in kids. Plastic surgery is a painful process and, to be honest, we didn’t see much improvement in any Down Syndrome phenotypic features of one kid that had it. If you were to pursue plastic surgery to remove any of the 13 physical characteristics of Down Syndrome, could you please provide us with before and after photos? Hi, if you want to contribute financially to say thank you or help us build this site up with even more content, just click the donation button below. Please note that due to increasing pressures and demands, that we are often unable to respond to individual emails.

Many of the 13 characteristics of Down Syndrome can be seen, but the physical characteristics of Down Syndrome are insignificant to the beholder. So, if your adult kid is overweight, you might like to look at our best weight loss program, which is all about rapid weight loss. Most of the kids with Down Syndrome, most of the adults with Down Syndrome, most of the males with Down Syndrome and most of the females with Down Syndrome that I saw characteristically had the same bowl style haircut.
We try to make it pleasant for him, but it doesn’t really achieve much as he still squirms and tries to get away. As an update, several years later and Jacob – age 7 years – now asks to have his hair cut!
A little more unique, but after saying that, you’ll probably notice no difference, no characterisitcs of Down Syndrome. Yes, you can see the characteristics of Down Syndrome as well, but the family resemblence is remarkable. The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product. The 13 physical characteristics of Down Syndrome did NOT stop him from looking like the rest of us. They can sometimes pull the hair a little, but we persevere with Jacob and eventually get it thinned out enough over several days.
When she was born I was told she might never walk, talk or be potty trained but I was also told the best advice: Treat her as I would any other child.
She makes her bed every morning, cleans her bedroom – including changing linens every week, can cook simple meals in the microwave, can wash dishes, etc.

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