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So, we now have two training potties and a story that I'm sure my poor child will never live down! In fact, Selah carried that bad boy out of the store with such pride - "My Potty!" she continued to chant as she lugged it around during the rest of our shopping experience. Day 167 - The spoon is moving so quickly that you can't tell, but Selah was drumming on my leg and having a glorious time! Day 169 - Josh promised Selah a cupcake for some reason this day and so I snapped this quick moment as she gazed off in a chocolate coma.

Day 171 - We received an amazing book with notes of thanks from our former students, so I spent quite a bit of time last Thursday reading through these notes and giving the Lord thanks for the opportunity to be a part of their lives. Day 174 - Mother's Day - I can't believe I didn't take any pictures with my beautiful mother or grandmother (they both came to hear me preach at The Dream Center), but I did take this picture of Selah and her cousin Molly Kate playing dress up that evening as we celebrated all of the moms in our life that night.
Day 176 (2) - The ladies that hosted my shower - I love them each so much!  Thank you girls! Day 178 - Upon returning from our retreat, my mom and I went on a mission to finish Little Nugget's nursery before I go into labor.  Here she is hanging lanterns - can't wait to show you the finished project (coming soon)!

Whew!  It's been an eventful 2 weeks!  Can't wait to see what the next two weeks hold - hopefully meeting Little Nugget! Just out of curiosity, have any of your children ever used the bathroom in a public place like that?  Just wondering if Josh's theory that things like this must happen often is true?

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