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Easy To Use a€? Simply unfold the pad and place on the floor, if possible away from eating and sleeping areas a€? Place your puppy or dog on the pad, use a phrase like "Go Potty" so they become familiar with the command a€? With lots of encouragement, praise and treats your puppy or dog will soon learn the pad is the correct place to go a€? Replace when required.
I have to admit after this long I am starting to feel the strain but even more than before am feeling pride. Sean had spent the night and hung out until late afternoon when we got the call from the owners of our house that they would be stopping by to see the carpet they had replaced back before Trinity was born (the wife had not seen it yet). The twins worked REALLY hard and managed to learn ALL the letters for the Johnson part of their last name. You can get the supplies for this one at Michaels in kits and in bulk but I found that the best place to get them is Ikea in the children’s section where they have the toys and crafts.
She is no longer coughing up a storm and has even slowed in her sneezing, just cranky with a VERY runny nose. I figured with so many people mentioning how hard  the kids can be to buy for and my own need to keep track of what we are needing this would be best.
The rest of the week is looking quiet though I am attempting to pick a day to go on a picnic and am unsure about the weather for both our weekly trip to the Leg and our weekly homeschool park date.
We are becoming VERY proficient at stretching our itty bitty budget, in fact our trip to the Festival on Sunday introduced me to something else I am thinking of adding to our diet – potatoe pancakes. It definitely looks like the insignia and once the budget has the space for another skein of my silver (Very Fine Braid #4, oo1V 11M Kreinik) thread I will sit down and finish it.

I hope to make a list with a good variety, though I am sure the majority will be education related. He got TWO stickers, hugs, high fives and the promise that if he can keep doing that he will get to wear BIG BOY UNDIES during the day!
The other 3 seem to have gotten over what little of the bug they got and are back to normal. I am going to try my hand at freezing melon as we bought two on top of our weekly apples and I am thinking we easily have enough fruit to last until our next produce day. Of course he took advantage and came out of his ro0m like 5 more times to chat and say good night but I felt he deserved a little flexibility! I did up a little flower myself and Ken does all the ironing (you can use wax paper when the paper they give you runs out). I am very happy with how this piece looks though I am rather fed up with working with metallics right now. The boys want to play with the cameras and our printer prints out pretty decent images on regular paper (no photo ink yet) so I figure we can do that and then maybe just maybe make a mini album? Keeping in mind that when you DO have potatoes they are usually a bulk of the meal that is an excellent deal! Zander keeps tell me that when they learn how to write ALL their letters THEN they can do a scrapbook.

Emanuel is a little young for this as the age is set at 4 and up but he gave it a go and with Daddy’s help made something on the heart shape. Which puts me back at working on the stocking for a couple of days before starting a Christmas gift for Ken’s friend Fydo. Considering that all 4 kids LOVED the potatoe pancakes we tried at the Irish pavilion I figure I can’t go wrong. I got the ones that were not yet ripe so we could have them through to the end of the weekend. Added bonus of some more diversity to our meals without adding more expensive ingredients all I need now is to hunt down a recipe!
We did have a little problem though, the scooter I had picked up with Karyn and Esther on Sunday is not going to work.
Ken went to put it together and found that the pin for the back two wheels is too long… which may explain why the boxes we saw at Walmart all were open. So the plan is to return it, work a little more cash out of the budget and get him one from Toys R Us where they start a little more expensive.

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