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My friends and three kids (George 16, Hollie 14 and Olivia 5), think it’s hilarious that this has come to be my nickname but I’m really proud of it.
There can’t be much better Christmas presents than the one I got just a few days ago when I was hugely surprised and honoured to be awarded the title of “Business Woman of the Year” at the Dorset Business Awards.
I wouldn’t be here writing this blog if it wasn’t for one of the most humiliating moments of my life so I thought I’d share it with you and hopefully inspire someone out there. Pin ItMany parents read every book, website, and even eBook they can about potty training to find the magical easy potty training method.
Whether you do baby potty training, early, late, fast track, or slow and steady, there will be messes. Even the most patient parent will tire of the potty training accidents if potty training takes many weeks. I’m Amanda, proud mum of three, wife of the very gorgeous Darren and inventor of the My Carry Potty – AKA “The Potty Lady” as I’ve come to be known! Since designing the My Carry Potty I’ve had conversations with so many worried parents and have come to realise just what a stressful time potty training can be and how little real help there is out there to support such an important developmental stage. So whether you’re contemplating training but have been scared rigid by horror stories or are in the midst of it and having a nightmare, just know you’re not alone! A Bond themed evening, a new sparkly dress and a trophy in hand – what more can a girl ask for! It just goes to show that you literally never know when inspiration might strike and what road it might set you on when it does.
You may have heard the horror stories of months of battles, accidents, and messes that came with potty training. Your potty training child will pee (or worse), your floor, and if you have a boy, other odd locations.

Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. It comes on top of an amazing year for me with my Potty winning a double Gold at the Loved by Parents Awards and a Silver at the Practical Parenting Awards and me also winning the amazing title “Fab Woman of the Year” at the Loved by Parents Awards. While out shopping with my eldest child George, now 13 (where does the time go?!), then two, he suddenly announced the need to go to the potty NOW! However, if you are excited about potty training and the resulting diaper free child, that positive energy will carry through to your child.
Potty training before tantrums, battles, and the discovery of the word “NO!” is much easier. You may have friends that tell of how their child (often a girl) potty trained with ease in just a few short days at the age of two or three. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). We’ll be constantly offering new hints, tips and prizes and if you’ve got a question you need answering or problem you need solving just email me at This email address is being protected from spambots.
I quickly whipped the potty out from under his buggy without thinking through the next stage. If you are have your baby or toddler go naked for potty training, then confine him to areas where the floors are easy to clean or covered by old washable sheets and towels. Even if a 15-month-old or an 8-month-old protests sitting on the potty, they are usually easy persuaded with a toy, book, or song. I had a super tough childhood (no need to go into details here (just believe me!) and left school with virtually no qualifications.
After a very successful potty stop (!) I was left with the immediate dilemma of where to dispose of the potty’s contents in a busy shopping centre.

However, these same children probably would have potty trained just as easily at 18 months, 16 months, or even earlier.
Everything I’ve achieved since has just been through hard graft, self belief and a drive to create the best future possible for my three amazing children.
If you see the messes as just a normal part of parenting, then potty training will be easier. So the next time someone tells you ‘it can’t be done’, just smile to yourself and set the goal of proving them wrong! I opted for what I thought was a relatively discreet street gutter but was roundly and publicly told off by another shopper.
For some children potty training will just take time, no matter if you start early or late. And to inspire you, below are two of my favourite quotes: “Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. Needless to say hot tears followed (both mine and George’s!) and our shopping trip was stopped dead in its tracks.
As soon as I got home I started sketching a travel potty that was both comfy for kids and could discreetly and effectively store its contents. So next time you have a genuine light bulb moment, don’t just dismiss it as a moment of madness.

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