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April 14, 2014 by Cristy Leave a Comment “I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. My son turns 3 in May and we really want to have him potty trained by September, so we can send him to a new school that we have him registered for. For parents just starting the potty training journey, I suggest keep a strict schedule with your little one.
My son really likes spinning the Rewards Wheel in the Big Kid Academy to see what fun activity he will get as a reward for going to the potty. We’ve been keeping track of our progress on the Potty Progress Chart that I hung up in the bathroom. When my son first started potty training, we used a potty, but he didn’t seem to like it, so I purchased The First Years Mickey Mouse potty seat. Pull-Ups recently announced an exiting new partnership with The First Years, a maker of potty training systems and seats. I decided, though, that the lure of Elsa and Anna might be just too hard to pass up so I created a Disney Frozen potty chart. One of her Christmas presents came in the box we now use as the Frozen Treasure Chest, but you could just as easily make one of your own with a shoebox or other small box. Unlike his past experiences, these training pants have easy-to-open sides for removing them (but not so easy-to-open that kids will accidentally unhook them when pulling up and down).
I set the alarm in the kitchen for 30-45 minutes and made sure to take the babies in then to go potty.
My best potty training tip is to have a good reward set in place as positive reinforcement!

We’re not quite there yet, so I’m just enjoying reading all of the tips I can get! We are just getting ready to potty train so I’m not sure what the best tip is, but I have heard that Cheerios are great for teaching boys to aim. Always take the kids to potty when they say they need to go even when you think or know they dont have to because if you dont they will think you dont want them to go in potty. My best potty training tip is easy, be really encouraging, and if they have a accident, don’t get upset, it is all about support. My best potty training tip is to not pressure your kids because they will get too nervous to do it. My best potty training tip is make a chart and at the end of the week if they when to the potty consistently with few accidents, I let them pick out a prize from the prize chest.
But perhaps even more exciting is that I am done with the dreaded parenting job of potty training! Since all my kids are potty trained now, I decided to write a few of my thoughts and experiences about potty training. These points are what worked for me and my children.  There are several methods of potty training that work. My kids did not have any special needs, developmental disorders, or physical handicaps, etc. Now that I have all the disclaimers on the table, here are my three beliefs on potty training. A few times I wanted to take Locke to a babysitter  but was not confident he was ready for the real world.

When I was 15, I attended a church activity where parents were asked to bring an item that represented their daughters. Lillian grabs the camera and grabs this one shot three seconds before Aaron’s stomach realizes that this is a bit too much adult food, and half his dinner comes back up. They require the child be potty trained, so we have the added pressure of making sure he is confident to go on the potty consistently.
He was super excited about it and I knew then I should have bought the potty seat instead of a potty in the first place. The First Years offers a range of different potty training systems and seats, even some decorated with Disney characters to help make potty training as fun as possible! So, if you purchase a specialty potty system from The First Years, you will also receive a free sample pack of Pull-Ups Training Pants. Phil years ago.) After Elle would go in the toilet, we would call family or fictional characters to brag.
When we get home, we try to be consistent and offer rewards, so it’s still a work in progress. We definitely try to encourage him and stay positive about potty training even on the days when he wants nothing to do with it.

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