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Here's what you need to know to protect those pearly whites and help give your child a lifetime of healthy habits.
Sign up to get the best NJ events, festivals, concerts and activities for families delivered to your inbox. The potty became a fixture in our bathroom at least a couple of months before we began training in earnest.
When Monday came, we dressed him in the superhero underwear he’d picked out and a pair of elastic-waist pants and sent him to daycare.
Any earlier than that, these moms said, kids are not really ready; but after 3, the moms warned, your kid will likely become obstinate and refuse to use anything but a diaper.
We read books about using it, let our son sit on it, and all that good stuff so that he was well prepared.

My daughter had the first two covered, and, like Meatloaf says, two out of three ain’t bad, so I forged ahead, even though she hardly ever stayed dry for 2+ hours. Once he starts peeing with no diaper to catch it, you want to be able to pop him on that potty right away.
I had discussed the plan with his teachers beforehand so that they were prepared and knew to take him to the bathroom every two hours.
Like any kid, he had some accidents here and there, but they were definitely the exception, not the norm.
Looking back, this was my big mistake; she just had to go too often for the training to take. So with my son, when he was about 2 ½, I started making a point to check his diaper every two hours and note how often it was dry.

When he was regularly dry after two hours, I exchanged the diapers for pull-ups and had him sit on the potty every time he had a dry diaper—and he often went.
That meant he had already experienced many potty successes before we started training in earnest. I never asked, just led him to the potty (read tips on how to pull off this feat without major protest here), every two hours or so in the beginning, and then, eventually, when he started initiating more, only when it had been a suspiciously long time since he’d last used it (and, of course, always before leaving the house!). When he started going in the potty more often than not, I told him that soon, like his sister, he wasn’t going to need pull-ups anymore.

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