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With interactive gatefold flaps, this book addresses the perennial toddler issue of potty training. So with this whole potty training business approaching I thought what a great idea it would be to have a potty training treasure chest. So I put together some items that I think my son is going to love and I hope in the process you will find some great goodies for your little one too.
More potty sticker options can be found with a variety of characters to please any little new potty training participant.
There are also instructional potty books that will serve a dual purpose.  They are a reward and an instructional tool all at the same time! If you need to concentrate more on the poop side of things there are books books for children as well with the well known and loved book Everyone Poops.

Besides reading it seem that most children enjoy sticking stickers on anything and everything. The next product will be perfect for them.  You can put toilet decals and appliques in their treasure chest and watch your proud child decorate the potty. In a very realistic, child-appealing text, it describes how a gender-neutral toddler struggles to learn how to use the potty. As a bonus, we've included a 3 simple step guide for training your dog in the shortest time possible.
Other dog door bells look cheap and often tacky; however, we took great care to give Potty Bells' alloy ornament, reinforced nylon stitching and nickel plated bells a touch of welcoming character. With interactive flaps and child-appealing text, the author describes the steps a toddler must go through in learning how to use the potty.

As with her other books Karen has illustrated this lift the flap book with fun, colorful pictures that kids relate so well to. Well, the good news is although most people will tell you that your child should be potty trained by the age of 2, statistics say otherwise.
Don't be surprised if your dog starts to use them just by associating them with the door opening, even without training! Karen Katz has been putting out wonderful books for babies and toddlers for so long that she was the natural choice when we were looking for a fun book to read about potty training.

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