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Before you all gasp and wonder why the hell I would allow Tate to live his life having daily (yes, daily) potty accidents in public, at home, in my car, and at playgrounds and birthday party venues across the Southeastern United States, let me ease your minds.
Though my mom friends are aware of this problem (and blessedly sympathetic and nonjudgmental), I haven’t escaped the judgment of moms I don’t know who have found me on the playground to “just let me know” that my 4-year-old has peed on himself and it’s upsetting their snowflakes who were potty trained at 18 months and have never had an accident since. I recently (finally, as a last resort) took Tate to the pediatrician about the potty issue, and she diagnosed him with constipation, which, she explained, could dull the sensation for his body telling him he needed to go until it was too late.
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By age 4, many kids are ready to get out of diapers and on to the potty, but 4-year-old children with sensory issues have unique challenges that must be addressed. If you're comfortable using the bathroom with your child in the room, let her accompany you to the bathroom. Experiment with things like padded potty seats, wearing socks or slippers in the bathroom to combat cold floor distraction, and gently brushing or stroking your child's arms before putting him on the potty.
Some children, especially those with sensory issues, may be afraid that what's coming out of them in the bathroom is part of their bodies. Ensure that your child eats a diet rich in fiber so that elimination isn't painful or uncomfortable. Remember that nighttime dryness usually occurs after the child is using the potty during the day. As a seasoned mom of three, I figured potty training my almost two year old (he will turn two in 8 days) would be a breeze. All of a sudden placing him on the step stool was similar to me hoovering him over a pit of biting piranhas.
So to make it short a sweet, 4 bags of Pull Ups and 2445678789 Sixlets later, and he is still not having the whole potty training thing. We don’t have kids so I can’t say any tips or whatever but I will remember this in case one day we do!
I’m all about the bribing when it comes to potty training, worked wonders for the twins! Pull-ups are a huge asset to potty training, I couldn’t have potty trained any of my kids without them! I think Tate was rushed to potty train at his daycare when he turned 2 and wasn’t quite ready. I would genuinely like to throat-punch these moms who snidely insinuate that, if I weren’t so lazy or clueless, my kid would have this figured by now.

It’s so hard for me to believe that my little boy, this awesome kid whom I love so fiercely, will be carrying his own tray in the school cafeteria, learning to read, do math, and write his first and last name legibly next fall. I know Tate will eventually be teased about something—his clothes, his hair, his love of sharks—or for no apparent reason. At this point, I’m glad to have an explanation (and some daily laxative drink mix for him), but more importantly, I just know it will take him time, and I need to be patient.
I hope he won’t have accidents when he enters elementary school, but that’s a bridge we’ll cross if we have to. It’s frustrating and embarrassing, and it often turns me into both a fierce defender of my son and also the person he upsets the most.
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Your sensory-avoidant child may be frightened of the potty, which, in the world of a sensory-shy 4-year-old, is awfully big and noisy. Children with sensory issues may be uncomfortable sitting high up on the adult toilet, and a sensory-seeking child may leap off mid-tinkle and get hurt, so a potty chair is usually a good idea. Don't pressure her to use the potty, simply let her observe and ask if she wants to go on her potty.
Sensory-avoidant children may need it to be very quiet in the bathroom, with extra-soft toilet tissue available and soft lighting to allow them to relax.
Kids become potty trained at different ages, and kids with sensory issues may require more patience than other children.
I figured there would be less to do since his anatomical parts don’t require wiping on both ends. He is always fascinated to watch daddy take care of business so I was under the impression that he’d be eager to aim, and shoot.
That very same stool he uses to steal bananas off the counter, and get into mischief became such a threat to him.
I am pretty sure the only reason he will even sit on the frog is because he knows he is guaranteed a few Sixlets in exchange for dropping his Pull Up and sitting down.
On another note, he does enjoy getting stark naked in his crib at night though and soiling his entire bedding. We just potty trained our last child and I am so happy it is over and that we are saving a ton of $ on not having to buy diapers. Everyone likes him, and he keeps me constantly on my toes with mischievous antics (flooding an upstairs bathroom three weeks before Christmas, for example).

I hope the potty thing, something so fixable, won’t be the nickname that follows him to middle school or the way some kid teases him in front of a girl he likes someday. I’ve felt like the worst mom, the okayest mom, the proudest mom, the most embarrassed mom, the most loyal mom, the least loyal mom, but at the end of the day? The sensory-seeking child may be too busy climbing trees and tumbling off the couch to even notice that he's wet. If she dislikes certain textures, smells or foods and wants to be changed as soon as her diaper gets wet or dirty, she's most likely sensory-avoidant.
These can be found at most discount and baby supply stores and come in a variety of styles. Seems to me that each child has their own unique way of learning and it just clicks when the time is right.
Regardless of the particular sensory issues, it is possible to potty train a 4-year-old with sensory issues. Some kids may be a combination of seeking and avoidant, so address each issue individually.
Four-year-old children can be quite independent, so let your child help choose his own potty, even sitting on it in the store -- fully clothed, of course -- to make sure it's comfortable for him.
Putting cloth underwear or training pants on your sensory-avoidant child may encourage her to use the potty, because the sensation of being soiled will be more pronounced than when she's in a diaper.
So much clapping, shouting, and laughing had him jumping off the pot, and hastily pulling up his Pull Up. It may be harder to tell when a sensory-seeking child is soiled, so check her often and watch for facial cues, such as straining, to tell when your child is soiling her diaper. He wanted nothing more to do with the little green frog, and then he took a MASSIVE dump in his Pull Up! Once the potty chair is home, set it up in the bathroom and let your child sit on it and investigate it before you try to get him to use it.
As soon as you think your child is ready or beginning to eliminate, place her on the potty. I have let him continue to play, even with wet pants, wondering if other kids ask him about it whether or not he might finally be embarrassed.

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