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I hosted my very own potty training party and I’ve got lots of fun ideas and free printables that you can use for your potty training party too! One tip that we discussed was to encourage your child to drink LOTS of fluids while potty training. One thing that really helped potty train my kids was to provide a reward for them each time they had a successful trip to the potty. We set up a fun photo booth for the kids and they all got to pick phrases to write on their thought bubbles!
It’s great to use an older sibling who is already potty trained to help motivate and guide the younger sibling. We also gave each of our guests their own Pampers Easy Ups to take home for their potty training journey. You can get the free printable potty training party signs by clicking the link or the photo. Our party was a big success and everyone left feeling motivated to begin or continue on in their potty training journey!
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August 18, 2015 by The Jenny Evolution 1 Comment Potty training is one of those subjects that no one really wants to talk about. Toileting is a task that most people do each day without a second thought about how they learned this important skill. The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) also offers a free, downloadable tip sheet for Establishing Toileting Routines for Children to aid parents in helping little ones achieve this milestone.
This will get them going potty more often and will make the process easier to reinforce with them.

Perfect for motivating your child to start potty training and also doubles as a great book to read while they sit on the potty! Adding a sticker to their very own potty chart each time they go potty is a great way to reinforce positive behavior and reward them. Younger siblings want to be like their big brother or sister and they look up to them so use that to your advantage! I find these invaluable, especially at night, to save me from the middle of the night bedding changes. When potty training you can dilute the juice with half water so that they aren’t getting as much sugar. Each guest got a fun swag bag filled with Pampers Easy Ups, a potty training book, potty rewards treats and a lego soap! Pediatric occupational therapy practitioners say that while achieving this milestone can be stressful for parents and caregivers, the benefits of having a toilet-trained child can simplify daily routine. This post contains affiliate links. Signs of readiness can include interest in visiting the bathroom, pretending to use toilet paper and flushing, wanting to observe others using the bathroom, reporting to a caregiver that they have soiled their diaper, and getting upset when a diaper is soiled. With songs to learn and encouraging phrases and sounds to discover, the potty friend really does make potty training fun!
I just cut them out with a paper punch and attached them to the lid before screwing the ring on.
I can’t tell you how many times people talk about potty training tricks in my parent Facebook discussion groups.
Consistently encouraging toilet use at established times such as when waking up, before a meal, before leaving the house, and before bedtime, encourages routines. Keep toilet paper within easy reach and provide a stool near the toilet to help the child feel secure and confident.

Children may need to sit for a while, run water, sing a song, or look at a book to help relax and initiate toileting.
Because it looks familiar to a real toilet, it encourages kids to make the transition to the grown up. The kids got to take these home too, but with the stipulation that they had to go on the potty to get a treat! They have an underwear like design that also fades when wet to help your child recognize when they are going potty. Address the different noises your child will hear and explain how a toilet works to calm fears. When in a different bathroom, the time to use the toilet often takes longer because of fears or curiosity about their foreign surroundings. It’s a great motivator to help remind the kids to wash their hands each time they use the potty! They pick up on the attitude that you emanate towards potty training so rather than gripe about it or get frustrated, why not throw a party instead?
Not only does it help motivate your kids but you and the other parents at your party will pick up tips from each other and make the road to underwear and easier one!

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