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So, I purchased not one, but TWO froggy potty chairs from Amazon (they came with high reviews for little boys!) with the thought that each little boy would have his own and I could possibly get both the boys potty trained before this newest blessing arrives.
The next morning I put the 3 year old in undies, but when I suggested it to the 22 month old, he hollered at me with all his might and I decided not to push the issue. However, the second I suggested the potty chair to my older potty-trainer, he refused and pointed to the toilet.
By the way, the 22 month old really hasn’t turned out to be much of a potty trainer yet. Are you still going to be purchasing from Amazon after their recent strong stance for homosexual marriage? I’ve been potty training my twins who just turned 3 and boy has it been an adventure!
The first step involves having the child throw away all the diapers so there is no going back! At this point, I’m just thrilled my son waits until he is in a diaper to poop because it used to be in his pants. For children who are having trouble with pooping in the potty it is important to make sure they are getting enough fiber and water. The tiger lover has raised two-year-old Shosho and his sister Faye since park staff took them from their mother at nine days old. Seaview started housing lions 15 years ago - they now have 30 lions, ten tigers and three leopards.
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It was so very frustrating to wait that long but it taught me that there are certain things I just can’t make her do, no matter how much I want to.
However, he refuses to tell me if he has to go to the bathroom, I’ve tried code words, bribery, super-praise the few times he has told me, and yet he is VERY independent about the whole thing.
As they become aware of the need to poop, most children can control when they go and will hold back if there is any discomfort.
She tells her son (she has 4 boys) that he need to poo and pee in the toilet, puts underwear on them and takes them to the bathroom periodically, as well as asking throughout the day. Petite Or Lazmi shows absolutely no fear, as she snuggles up to Shosho - a massive 33 stone, male Siberian tiger. Or, who is also pictured with three-month-old cubs Judah and Ruby said: 'I live on site and spend four hours a day, seven days a week with the tigers. I had an aha moment today when he stood on the stairs and moved his hips around in circles as he was peeing on the carpet. I asked and asked the Lord, okay begged, for Him to please help me get my son potty trained before the baby came!
But with Nate turning 4 before this little one will, Lord willing, join us gives me a glimmer of hope. She also tells them that if they don’t go to the bathroom in the toilet but uses their pants, they will have to take a shower.
Or, who stands just 5ft 1ins tall and weighs only 8st 11, looks after dozens of big cats at Seaview Lion Park, South Africa. All the big cats live in individual enclosures of around two hectares, and are taken out daily for walks.

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He can verbalize what is supposed to happen when I ask, but just won’t do it at the time. Nevertheless, I know her 2 youngest are afraid of the shower so the next to the littlest potty trained fast (all the boys did) but I don’t think the youngest has yet, he is 2 and they have been traveling a lot this month so she may have quit for now. I am determined to have them completely weaned (just one tiny feed at bedtime every other night) and toilet trained by the end of the summer. By the way, this method would never work for mine, they all loved showering and have showered since infancy (sometimes it was easier to just jump in the shower and have hubby hand me a baby, bathe her, hand her back out and then shower myself).
I don’t know what I think about her method, she read it in a book and I had never heard of that. When it was about his time to poop we would go sit on the potty and we would ready this book. Now he will tell me when he has to go and he runs to the bathroom – sometimes he even goes by himself without telling me.

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