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After I wrote that original post, Damien was doing wonderfully with our laid-back, casual potty training, and during his months of being 13-14 months old, he even started taking himself to the potty sometimes when he needed to go, and would almost always go when I sat him on the potty.
However, in January (when he was 19 months old), we really started to get back into potty learning again. Not long after turning 22 months old, he started having many days where he would go all day without an accident. I haven’t gotten brave enough to take him out in public in underwear yet, but he will often stay dry for the whole outing.
He mostly uses the regular toilet (with a Sesame Street seat insert) rather than his little Ikea potty now. Sometimes if he wakes up in the morning or after nap and we don’t take his diaper off right away, he will go in it. When he is playing outside, for some reason he frequently has accidents even though he does fine inside. Anyway, one thing that I think really made a difference was that once we went to underwear at home, I put him in underwear EVERYWHERE. I found that they had far fewer accidents (actually hardly any) when we were out and about than at home (both of us more in tune, I think) and the whole thing went much faster (about a week). Inspired by Glenn Doman, I am a "Doman mom" of a baby and a preschooler and I enjoy teaching them lots of fun, interesting, and beautiful things very early on, including learning how to read, understand math, and appreciate history, the arts, sciences, languages, and more. I use this blog to share free printables, videos, tips, and articles related to early learning, child development, early mobility & swimming, infant stimulation, and more. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
So, with Vivienne we decided that would learn from our exuberance and let her potty train herself when she was ready.
Then, three days after the bed transition Vivienne took off her diaper for good and refused, I mean refused, to put it back on. When my little sister was younger, say 1st or 2nd grade, she had to memorize a poem for the Speech Meet. After going though all 9 pairs of Panties in about 2 hours, I decided this was just not going to work. Americans throw away 570 diapers per second, which equals approximately 49 million diapers per day, and 18 billion diapers per year. I remember the boy’s being the hardest to potty train, they get a little lazy once in awhile. I started potty training at 18 months she was fully potty trained in panties with no accidents by 20 months.

It took me until my son was 3 to potty train and I have a 2 year old boy now that I really want to get trained…no more diapers!
But then we did a ton of traveling during the fall and all the way up until Christmas, and things just sort of fell apart during that time, mostly because I was too distracted. Sometimes I would put him on the potty (such as when first waking up, or if I noticed he hadn’t gone in a long time) but most of his potty times were self-initiated.
He actually asks to go potty when we are out in public sometimes more than he asks to go at home.
The Ikea potty was helpful to have either right next to him or for him to sit on while he played, read books, or watched a show, but now that he tells us pretty much every time, we find it is unneeded, and using the regular potty is easier to clean up after. We have three kids, oldest two potty trained right around 24 months (one a little later, one a little earlier).
But, I did think making the transition to full-time underwear earlier made a big difference. So nice to have them using the potty and I so agree that doing some slow and steady when they are younger makes the whole thing a lot easier! We figured that when we started potty training we wanted her to be able to get out of her bed freely to get to the potty when required. She was wearing a diaper and up until that dinner I don't believe I'd ever even discussed potty training with her. This fiercely independent child actually gets herself up in the middle of the night and walks into the bathroom and goes potty in her chair BY HERSELF. Peeling an egg and experiencing the elation of having the shell slide off effortlessly in one or two sheets. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or Subscribe to Daily Email Updates. This is a very neat diapering system that has a little alarm that attaches to the diaper itself.
An average child will use close to $2,000 worth of disposable diapers before being potty trained.
I started when they were 18 months, and had all but given up when they decided to finally use the potty.
I cleaned up a lot of messes for a while, but he caught on eventually, especially when I started using the sling (he did not like peeing on me or himself when he was in a closed in space like that and started telling me when he needed to go). I think he has figured out that doing so can get him out of his car seat, high chair, or the shopping cart, hence his asking so much! I will also write another update post when we reach that much-awaited phase of being fully daytime, everywhere-we-go potty trained!

We actually followed much of your first post on getting baby ready (also used cloth diapers, which I think helps a lot).
And, I always tell people when their kids are potty training and they come over, “Feel free to put them in undies! I was working on a HUGE work project and the insanity of the holidays was creeping in and pottytraining was the absolute last thing on my list.
The theory there is that she won’t like the feeling of peeing everywhere and being dirty. As soon as your little one wets their diaper it sets off a small alarm, then plays twinkle little start twice.
So you and your child can move ahead to a more mobile and independent phase of parenting, without the hindrance of carrying around supplies and finding appropriate places to change and dispose of diapers. Potty Patrol can help free you from the financial burden of diapers by helping your child become potty trained more quickly and easily.
But nonetheless, he still does go on the public toilets, even if it is only a tiny bit sometimes. Perhaps if as soon as we get somewhere I show him where the potty is, give him an opportunity to go, and then take him periodically, he will get the hang of telling me no matter where we are. Once or twice I did put underwear on then a fitted cloth diaper over, but never an accident. Well, after cleaning many puddles on the living room floor, I decided maybe she just isn’t ready. By helping to speed potty training, Potty Patrol can significantly reduce the waste that is being created by current diapering habits. We ended up buying the Kalencom Potette 2-in-1 Potty¬†for such times to make public restroom and side of the road stops easier, which I’ll write more about their great potty soon! After a little while they start to put two and two together and realize they need to sit on the potty when they go pee.
There are a few subtle signs she gives us to let us know that she needs to go, like holding up her shirt or grabbing herself. So I went to the store and got some cute Minnie Mouse panties and a cute Minnie Mouse Potty chair. All my children have overlapped as far as diapers, so it has been 9 years straight of changing diapers for me, and I can’t wait to finally be done with them for good!!!

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