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As a seasoned mom of three, I figured potty training my almost two year old (he will turn two in 8 days) would be a breeze. All of a sudden placing him on the step stool was similar to me hoovering him over a pit of biting piranhas. So to make it short a sweet, 4 bags of Pull Ups and 2445678789 Sixlets later, and he is still not having the whole potty training thing. We don’t have kids so I can’t say any tips or whatever but I will remember this in case one day we do!
I’m all about the bribing when it comes to potty training, worked wonders for the twins!
Pull-ups are a huge asset to potty training, I couldn’t have potty trained any of my kids without them! Heather Topham Wood is a seasoned writer whose work has appeared in numerous publications, including USA Today, Gadgetell, Feel Rich and Step in Style. If your four-year-old boy has yet to be potty trained, you may have faced resistance in your first attempts to teach him to use the toilet independently. I figured there would be less to do since his anatomical parts don’t require wiping on both ends.

He is always fascinated to watch daddy take care of business so I was under the impression that he’d be eager to aim, and shoot. That very same stool he uses to steal bananas off the counter, and get into mischief became such a threat to him. I am pretty sure the only reason he will even sit on the frog is because he knows he is guaranteed a few Sixlets in exchange for dropping his Pull Up and sitting down.
On another note, he does enjoy getting stark naked in his crib at night though and soiling his entire bedding. We just potty trained our last child and I am so happy it is over and that we are saving a ton of $ on not having to buy diapers.
Heather is a published novelist with six Amazon bestsellers and a contract through Crescent Moon Press.
You may feel more pressure to potty train once your son reaches four years old, however, because some schools may require children to be potty trained prior to admittance. A resistant four-year-old may respond well to the idea of getting a reward each time he successfully uses the potty. Your son may get distracted by the spray or feel frustrated at his inability to aim urine into the toilet.

Seems to me that each child has their own unique way of learning and it just clicks when the time is right. The reasons a child may resist training include fear of the toilet, past punishment for not using the potty, a power struggle between him and his parents and a medical problem, such as constipation, according to the Keep Kids Healthy website. So much clapping, shouting, and laughing had him jumping off the pot, and hastily pulling up his Pull Up. If you use a potty chair, Babycenter advises against using one with a urine guard because it can scrape your son's penis. After collecting a set number of stars, give him a prize of his choosing, such as a new toy or a day at the arcade.
He wanted nothing more to do with the little green frog, and then he took a MASSIVE dump in his Pull Up!

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