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On our very first trip out of the house in knickers (that’s Little I, not me!) I felt a little unprepared for this rather scary outing, so we stopped off at our lovely local toy shop, Little People, to pick up a travel potty. Double the price of other travel potties on offer, My Carry Potty doesn’t come cheap at around ?25.
The My Carry Potty has a unique design – it is fitted with a rubber seal and clip shut lid that provides a completely leak and odour-proof container. The other benefit of My Carry Potty is that it is assembly-free and ready-to-go, and shuts to a decent size which easily slots in the luggage rack of our MacLaren buggy.
The one design criticism I have is that when open to use, the potty seat is fairly low down, but it only took my daughter one attempt to realise how to squat to use it. Other local friends of mine have also bought the My Carry Potty, and all feedback has been very positive.
About Mummy McAuliffeI’m Wendy and I am mummy to my six-year-old girl, Little I, and two-year-old Wolfy (for privacy reasons I use pseudonyms). Writing is my passion, and my blog is my creative outlet, as well as the place where I share my thoughts and feelings on parenting. About Mummy McAuliffeI’m Wendy and I am mummy to my four-year-old girl, Little I, and baby Wolfy (for privacy reasons I use pseudonyms for the blog). As a seasoned mom of three, I figured potty training my almost two year old (he will turn two in 8 days) would be a breeze.
All of a sudden placing him on the step stool was similar to me hoovering him over a pit of biting piranhas. So to make it short a sweet, 4 bags of Pull Ups and 2445678789 Sixlets later, and he is still not having the whole potty training thing. We don’t have kids so I can’t say any tips or whatever but I will remember this in case one day we do!
I’m all about the bribing when it comes to potty training, worked wonders for the twins!
Pull-ups are a huge asset to potty training, I couldn’t have potty trained any of my kids without them!

Despite the fact that I’m in the bathroom what seems like all day long, my daughter somehow manages to wait until she’s off the toilet to go.
Occasional accidents are unavoidable, and they occur in places like your in-laws’ house on their fancy new rug.
It’s no wonder potty training is a huge milestone, and it’s rightfully more exciting for mothers.
So if you happen to be in a location where there’s no suitable place to dispose of a potty’s contents, this is a nice and hygienic way of dealing with things.
I figured there would be less to do since his anatomical parts don’t require wiping on both ends. He is always fascinated to watch daddy take care of business so I was under the impression that he’d be eager to aim, and shoot. That very same stool he uses to steal bananas off the counter, and get into mischief became such a threat to him.
I am pretty sure the only reason he will even sit on the frog is because he knows he is guaranteed a few Sixlets in exchange for dropping his Pull Up and sitting down. On another note, he does enjoy getting stark naked in his crib at night though and soiling his entire bedding. We just potty trained our last child and I am so happy it is over and that we are saving a ton of $ on not having to buy diapers.
The potty-trained child “doesn’t have to go” all morning long until it’s a 911 emergency and you’re in the middle of the grocery store with a cart full of food. Needless to say that by 27 months we have failed both of our Mums’ expectations (who had me and Andy out of nappies by our first birthdays), and the heat is now on to get Little I into knickers. Little I’s eyes were instantly drawn to it – compared with your usual collapsible travel potty, this one will win hands down if the toddler has a choice, which this one did! I’m a little OCD when it comes to toilet hygiene, and I’ve never fancied the idea of carrying around a dirty potty with me inside a plastic bag. While I spend a lot of time writing in-depth content for other brands and businesses, I hope that one day I will hold in my hands a book that I have written and had published.

Seems to me that each child has their own unique way of learning and it just clicks when the time is right.
That sudden need to go occurs at the worst possible times—on the way out when you’re late, two minutes into a swim lesson, and when you’re bundled up for the cold.
So much clapping, shouting, and laughing had him jumping off the pot, and hastily pulling up his Pull Up.
Just the thought of an accident occurring at Target is mortifying, and an accident at my friend’s house is worse. I use Ziplocs since every other time I use the bag I forget about it and end up finding it a week later.
He wanted nothing more to do with the little green frog, and then he took a MASSIVE dump in his Pull Up! And between cleaning up the floor, couch and carpet, there’s an insane amount of laundry to do—tons and tons of tiny stinky undies, pants, and socks. I’m asking my potty-trainee if she has to go potty again and again and again…and again.
Not only am I annoying myself—and my daughter—I typically end up talking myself into needing to use the restroom. When I potty trained my son, I carried my favorite stain and odor removal spray with me wherever we went. Soon enough we’ll both be ready and my wash will be filled with dozens of smelly pink undies.

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