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There was no sadness in my house when Cora stopped wearing diapers, I don’t miss them at all. When baby number three came along I decided I was just going to wait until he was ready to introduce the concept of underwear.
Since it took until my first two children were three to have potty training success I told him that he did wear diapers and to go back upstairs and bring me one.
From that day on, he wore underwear during the day (pull-ups at night until he was a little older) and had only one accident. I wish someone would have told me when I was trying to potty train a 20-month old to relax and give it a little time. No one graduates from college at the top of their class because they started wearing underwear before the age of two. The sooner they are out of diapers, the sooner you have to stop buying them, but I’ve known plenty of parents who have spent more on bribes, books, and headache medicine who tried to get their kids out of diapers too soon. Do you mind me asking, what were the ages of your last five when they decided to potty train themselves? This is really enlightening to me as I have a 2 year old and we have attempted the going in the potty…he doesn’t care for it yet and I was starting to feel discouraged because I know kids younger than him who are using the potty already but this post made my day! Yes,, I thought I was the only one that did that..lol I have 5 kids now and my oldest pretty much just did it on her own when she was not even 2! I TOTALLY agree…and only have a little bit of trouble making all my childcare families understand this. It’s been a long time since my girls were little (they are now almost 22 and 25), but I did not attempt potty training with either one. There seem to be a lot of things I wish I knew & now with blogs etc I am hoping new Mommas will know more than I did.
The reason it was so easy was because the first one had a brother to relate to in fact he related so well that he went and got His underware.
And with #2 on the way I’m wondering if you want to give me that lovely stash of FuzziBunz (our favorite) you no longer need?
I know this is a super old post, but it was just shared on facebook, and I totally felt compelled to comment. I decided I was going to try it with his little brother, and the three little girls who followed.
I had one who needed a little encouragement to wear underwear, but basically the underwear transition was a breeze.

A few took a bit longer to go through the night as I have very deep sleepers who didn’t wake up for any reason!
As oxymoronic as it sounds, I’m working hard to slow down, enjoy life as it happens and intentionally invest my (our) time so that it aligns with our priorities.
But my son had other ideas- he decided he was ready at 25 months, and has basically potty trained himself.
But she is starting to show signs and ASK to go potty on her own, so I’m kind of going with it. Because they were older we didn’t even bother with the potty and went straight for the loo option. Bribe him with a new unopened box of hot wheels car, or stickers to put on a spreadsheet that’s put up on a wall in the bathroom.
A month later we put the potty out where he could get to it whenever he wanted and let him pick out pull-ups. I don’t think she is ready to be potty trained but should I have a potty or panties in the house in case she wants to start? Thats what I did when I took his bottle away…he just decided one day he didnt want it anymore and that was it.
A couple of days before he turned three, it just kind of clicked in his head and he got it with only one accident! My first must have had a bit of a scare when his first #2 splashed down and he insisted I put him in a nappy when he needed to go (thank goodness for washable nappies!!) but this only went on for a few weeks.
I know he is no were near ready why as I was changing him this morning he peed right on the floor. I’ve gotten her to the point where she’s only allowed to have it when sleeping, but really want to get totally rid of it before her teeth are affected! It was great to read your article because sometimes I feel like I am the only mom now a days that doesn’t train their kids to use the potty!!! Most kids (without special needs) eventually will learn to use the potty on their own, without intensive (and expensive) bribing, cajoling, discipline, or tears (from you or them). We do have the occasional accident when he gets too involved in his play, but he is really good.
So maybe itll be the same way with the potty and no diapers ?? Thanks for the great advice!!! I’ve worked with toddlers since I was in high school and I never saw anything positive come from it.

I can’t wait for the days of no more diapers, but I will enjoy watching my youngest figure it out on her own, just like her two big brothers. It seems like one day, something in their cute little heads clicks, and suddenly, they love the potty! I literally lost it for the next year and a half trying to force her to wear underwear, use the toilet, and stop having accidents all over the house. The first time he peed in his undies and he ran to me saying, “oh no… I spilled.”  Not sure he understood where the  “spill” came from, but it was pretty cute anyway. Sure, I’m looking forward to not having to deal with the mess and stink, but not enough to traumatize her (and me too).
I never was convinced she was fully potty trained until I sent her to preschool and she stopped having accidents. She acts like it is a playground and would stay in there for an hour if I let her, whether she goes or not. So after a full day of this, I have to admit I was incredibly exhausted and had no stickers on his chart to show for it. She is going through a really sneaky stage, too, so lots of times I have to shut the door because I have child proofed the bathroom as much as I can but she has found the linen closet and figured out the knob… which led her to painting her nails and one of my shelves.
Daytime sometimes diapers, sometimes pull-ups and sometimes undies, always a diaper at night? So strange that this isn’t taking by now!  I know he is ready… right?!?!?!  Now I am doubting myself even though I know he showed every sign of preparedness.   So we decided to play it cool and let him relax a bit doing his favorite thing…. Later on, we finally had a successful “spill” in the potty followed by lots of cheering and another sticker on his board.  I didn’t miss it this time!  I had a front row seat and made sure he saw it all too. So I am ashamed to say it, but there was just no way to go get the potty today.  Instead, each time he was ready to go potty I took him to the bath tub and told him to go.  I know right…  terrible, terrible, but ask yourself what you would do if you were me! At this point I am as humble as I can be with my failure right before my eyes and I am willing to do anything!  Each time I put him in the tub, he smiles and goes pee pee followed by his adorable little jumping excitement and high fiving action.

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