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Elimination communication depends on you to interpret your baby's timing, signals and cues. In fact, family tradition dictates that one of baby’s first birthday presents will be a potty chair. Elimination communication wasn’t easy to start, but we got him to the point where he uses his potty nearly every night. Really, potty training can be hard enough if you wait until they are old enough to be stubborn about it. Australian Company Offers Return to Work Bonus After Maternity LeaveUsually when we talk about maternity leave, it's about what's lacking about it. No child in our family has ever been in diapers past two; if I let my baby be in diapers that long, I’d never hear the end of it. For months now (since Norton was six months old, actually), we’ve been putting Norton on the potty before he gets a bath.

I cheered so loud that I scared my baby and made him cry, then proceeded to brag on Facebook about my little genius baby using the potty. We’re putting him on the potty before naps and after naps, and also first thing in the morning. He’s already comfortable sitting on it, and he even holds his little foot out over the sink so that it may be splashed.
You can use elimination communication on a part time basis, or you can go diaper free and use elimination communication all the time. That was when we started putting his potty on the bathroom counter and splashing water from the sink over his little foot. We aren’t necessarily having success at these times, but he’s cooperating with the experience. When he’s officially a toddler and is really ready to be completely trained, then we’ll move forward with no hold up.

Eventually, they’ll start communicating those cues to you so that you know that it’s time to go to the potty. Then we figured out that it was because he was cold and naked, so we started to warm up the bathroom a bit. Less time in diapers means less laundry for me (because I mostly use cloth) and less money literally thrown away with disposables.

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