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When Roo turned a year old, every time she was naked and about to get in the tub, I would put her on the potty first. I let her pick out five different items, and when we got home, I placed them all in a box on top of her bathroom cabinet. The next day, I decided to let her run around without a diaper while we were getting ready for church.
I was so proud of my girl, but too scared to go through three hours of church diaperless, so I caved and put her in a diaper.
As most potty training advisers suggest, we did stay home for the next two days while she was learning the ropes. Back to the drawing board I went, and I realized I needed to remind her more often to sit on the potty, and not slack with my rewards.
I couldn’t tell if she tee-teed or not unless I went to the potty with her, so I had her strip off clothes and get her potty seat and tee-tee in the living room. April 29, 2014 By Samantha Corcoran Doing it in phases was not only easier for me, but also for my two toddler boys adjusting to a new life skill. Terminology pee pee- I know they have endless names for going to the bathroom and private parts. I was not planning to train her on January 16th, however the night before, Little Bug told her Daddy she wanted to wear panties while they were out on a date to the grocery store. When they got back and Little Bug was insisting I needed to find her panties and let her wear them, I knew the time had come. We let her put the panties on because she was so insistent that she had to start wearing them NOW! Panties on and with a timer going off every five minutes, she had several successes of going pee pee in the potty and…two accidents. After the girls were in bed my parents brought the pee doll from their house (it was mine growing up).
The next morning (16th) we got up and one of the first things Little Bug said was, “Mommy I want to wear panties!”.
There are basically two parts of training in this method: Learning by Imitation and Dry Pants Inspections with Prompted Potty Trials. For the first two or three Prompted Potty Trials you say, “Little Bug, go to the potty.” So, you essentially start by telling the child to go to the potty with the goal of her going on her own at the end of training because she wants to “keep her panties dry and clean”.
In between these Prompted Potty Trials you are seriously ONLY talking about going to the potty with your child!!! After two Prompted Potty Trials, I started saying, “Little Bug, do you need to potty?” instead of telling her to go (see? After the Positive Practice you do Wet Pant Awareness, which means you have child do 10 wet-pants inspections so they feel their wet pants and understand the difference between dry and wet. I started saying “Little Bug show me where you go potty!” which was one step closer to her doing this all on her own accord.
The book said you can consider your child trained when she walks to the potty for the first time without a reminder and completes the process without help!
Once she hit that point, the book said I could slack off on the potty talk and we could do an activity that didn’t have to do with training.
I had gathered books beforehand (hoping we would reach this point!) so we read books on the bathroom floor! She wrote on her Magnadoodle and continued to stop and run to the potty every time she needed to go!!!!! She took her nap, woke up and got right back in her panties and continued to run to the potty every single time she needed to go for the remainder of the day!!!!
I planned to do the training during Sweet Pea’s morning nap because you are suppose to train with absolutely NO distractions.
I asked her to smile pretty and let me take a picture of her so we can remember this day and the above is what I got. Our sitter has been putting Drake on the potty every time she changes his diaper since he was about 18 months old. I washed that kid up, disinfected the floor, slapped a fresh diaper on him, and we gave up for the day. Then, one day he pulled this book off the book shelf and asked me to read it.  He loved it. My husband continued to take him to the bathroom to watch him, all day long.  And this little guy continued to pee in the potty all by himself.
Thank you for not really waiting until you were 4.   And bless your sweet little self for saving us some grief! I started potty training my daughter yesterday….the first day was rough, but so far on day two, it has gone much better! She is even reluctant about wearing a diaper at night, but experience tells us it does make sense to keep one on for sleep just in case. I want to share our potty training timeline, both so that I can look back and marvel over how amazing Zoe is, and so others can benefit from one family’s experiences. About 23 months of age (February 2012) - Zoe started in a new classroom at her daycare just before her 2nd birthday. Around 32 months (November) – By mid November, Zoe had a clear preference for wearing big girl panties and we only put diapers on her for nap, at bedtime and if she specifically requested a diaper to poop in. It worked like, twice, over the next year and a half, but at least she was getting used to the idea of sitting on a toilet. The prizes were in clear view and I told her that I would get the box down for her to choose a prize when she went tee-tee or poop in the potty.

Church doesn’t start till one o’clock, so I knew that was a long time for her to be diaperless, but guess what!
After we ran out of dollar tree prizes, I gave her options to have one of three things that are considered treats in our home.
She then graduated to the toilet, but she still takes off her stuff where I can see her, because that results in fewer accidents.
The phases can move quickly or slowly up to the parent and child and it’s ok if one stage takes longer than others.
I knew this wasn’t the method from the book and I was hoping I wasn’t ruining things for actual training by the method of the book by doing things this way for now! I decided to train her in the master bathroom because it has more space than Little Bug’s bathroom and we were going to be spending alllllll morning in there! Dave was trying to get her to say goodbye to him, like she normally does every morning, but this girl was ripping her diaper off and heading for the potty!! I just wish I had not had to do a last minute, stay up late, cram session to learn it all!!
Between the first and second time, she RAN out of the bathroom and I knew it was because she had to poop.
If she started talking about ANYTHING other than potty training matters, I was to change the subject back to potty-training! She got the paper towels and wiped her legs and then the little bit that had made it to the floor. After going through the Accident Procedure, we went right back to the every 15 minutes or so Prompted Potty Trials, asking her every 5ish minutes if she had dry panties, giving her a treat if she was dry and giving her LOTS of fluids.
Eventually, all you say is, “Are your panties dry?” because that is the goal – to have dry and clean panties!
I told her she would still wear a diaper for naptime, which she wasn’t too happy about at first.
We didn’t do Independent Playtime in her room yesterday but we did today and I was a little concerned that she would have accidents in there but she did not!!
My daughter will be 3 in February ANC I have felt HORRIBLE that she’s not potty trained!
He tried once, and we had a day without accidents, but then he got sick and had a poo that hurt his bottom. She wakes up dry about 6 days out of 7, but who wants to wake up in a pee puddle one morning a week? The new classroom had a significant focus on pottytraining and put a lot of emphasis on it. Even though by that time she was full-time in underwear during the school day, with nary an accident, I reverted back to sending her in diapers when she started her new school. Since starting at her new school, she’s been in a routine of holding her poop until she gets home.
Zoe has been peeing and pooping in the potty all month long with almost no accidents at all anymore. Sometimes we’ll come home from school or an errand and move on to our next activity without me checking with her or asking her to go potty. But after spending half the day in a diaper, I decided to diaper her one last night, and start potty training hard core the next day.
But, I also told her she couldn’t go to school if she tee-teed and pood in her panties. She alerted her Mama to the tee tee feeling before she went (I think because she was scared there was nothing there to catch it). I said she was going to be able to put her panties on after breakfast and then we were going to go into Mommy’s bathroom to learn and practice going pee pee in the potty. Since Little Bug has been using the potty off and on since she turned two in May, she didn’t really need this part of the training process, but I did it anyway.
Also, while training the doll, you give your child LOTS to drink and snacks that make her thirsty (so she will drink more and need to pee!). That is what she has been doing recently…running off and for a couple minutes things are abnormally quiet until someone comes out of hiding and announces, “I went poo poo!” I immediately ran after her and told her to go to the potty.
She pooped and then got down and then a few minutes later she peed, but it was hardly a puddle on the floor and more like a drizzle that she stopped midstream! I had her change right away after the accident (actually she changed right away because she wanted those wet panties off!).
Once she understood she would only have to wear a diaper for naptime and bedtime she was okay with the idea.
I think this method worked because it is focused on what the real goal is – the child keeping her panties dry and clean – instead of the parent having to bribe the child or force the child to try and use the potty.
She is so good at remembering to tell us that she has to go – or even just heading to the potty without announcing it or asking for help. I would get real excited and ask, “Do you want to call _____ and tell them you went tee-tee on the potty!?!?” So of course she would get excited too! So I let her get up three times, and then consequences are in place if she is just crying wolf.
I started reading but stopped because Dave and I thought it would be best to get through January before trying to train her. Big girls don’t wet their pants.” Then you help the doll practice going pee pee in the potty and end the imitation phase by having the doll pee in the potty like a big girl.
Wetting is yucky!!” Then you do Positive Practice where you take them TEN TIMES in a row to the potty to practice what you are suppose to do when you need to go potty.

This method teaches them to do it all on their own will because they want to keep their panties dry and clean! I did night n day together for child 2 as child 1 who was potty trained at two was almost a full year still in nappies at night n woke up soaked in a morning. All she had to do was tell her 2 boys to pee pee on a bug and they were miraculously potty trained! Pretty sure I can hear all the other mommies amen-ing as well :) And the too-small diaper is genius and made me laugh.
I finally told her that I wouldn’t let her wear diapers anymore, and we sat in the bathroom all day and watched Mary Poppins on the portable dvd player. At the time, I felt it was pushing her a little too much, but I didn’t really know better.
The more we encouraged Zoe to wear big girl underpants when we went out, the more we had to take her to the restroom.
Sure enough, just as I had read, she did in fact revert back to using diapers for about a month.
She really doesn’t need our help with much in the bathroom these days - she does it all. Here I will tell you about our personal experience, and also tell you about the tactics we used to teach her.
I used rewards inconsistent too, but suckers did give Zach the little push he needed for going number two which only took a few times. I totally agree with my pedi that potty training is something that has to be done on the child’s time table and not the parent’s. She has never eaten that much in her life AND she isn’t supposed to go over four ounces per her GI’s recommendations! Because my kids are big and by the time she was 4, her bottom wouldn’t FIT on the portable potty anymore!
I now feel it was a bit draconian and wish I had asked them to back off a little, but what can you do. Once she was fully settled in her new school and routine, she began using the potty again and we went back to sending her to school in big girl underpants.
But, for the most part, she would proactively request a diaper, specifically so she could poop in it.
If she says diapers, you can still remind about potty breaks but if she chooses to use the diaper, that’s fine too. But overall, having a potty-trained toddler is an honor and a pleasure and I’m so very excited that she has mastered this important personal milestone. Too bad she has to wait a whole year ?? But she rarely has accidents and that’s because she waits too long.
I am also guilty of adding my own parts to stories that I knew would hit home with them specifically such as peeing on the floor. I am SO glad I didn’t stress about getting Little Bug trained because she turned two or because a new baby was on the way. We’d had it since she was 18 months and she never really used it because she HATED the idea of going potty! I blogged about starting our potty training journey and some of the things we did at home to accompany what she was learning (or being pushed into) at daycare. So, even though Zoe wore underpants to daycare and was accident-free for the most part (certainly pee accident free) by end of summer, we still wore diapers a lot during evenings and weekends. By end of October, she was  VERY good at putting peepee in the potty, but was still pretty hit or miss with poop and typically preferred diapers for that.
Around this time I realized that if I fumbled and delayed enough with getting the diaper on, she would grow frustrated with me and run to the potty instead to poop there.
I made a big enough fuss out of her doing this that she realized she preferred the potty over pooping in a diaper! We are so proud of her – and just in time for our big trip to Cali to visit her cousins, too! Opens discussion with toddlers about their own feelings and ideas even when they aren’t talking too much, they will take it in!
Practice quickly.” You have them rapidly walk to the potty to practice the potty procedures.
Only now he’s 5 and he wears a watch to tell him to go potty every hour and he STILL wets his pants at least twice a day! We still insist on a diaper at night, but often she goes down for her afternoon nap in big girl pants and doesn’t have any problems with accidents as long as we head to the potty as soon as she wakes up. Sometimes I even put a diaper over or under her underpants if we were going out and I didn’t want to risk an accident. This allowing them an option to choose because we know that potty training can become about control. I think in a few weekends we’ll have a pee pee party for BOTH of the big boys and I’m MAKING my husband take one for the team! This allows your child a chance to get use to the routine of the potty without interruption. If you catch them starting to go, pick them up and run them to the potty so they understand what to do.

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