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If you wanted to accent your bathroom with a little bit of the ocean and you didn't want one of those cushy soft seats, then this is the seat for you!
This Decorative Toilet Seat Sea Shell Design is well-made and sturdy enough for the busiest bathroom in the house! It reduces the size of the opening and it is shaped like a comfortable toilet seat with a high back that will provide support for the child's back. PTC Comment: We are so sorry that you had so many problems with our potty seat fitting yours. If you did not want to buy a toilet seat with the cushy soft seats, then this is just the seat for you! However, if you were looking for a toilet seat with a completely different style, check out all of our Potty Seats!

If you looking for a toilet seat that is different in style from this one please check out our Flip Potty Seats. It is made of clear poly-resin material and decorated with exquisite ocean life seashells, seaweed, starfish and even a seahorse.
I was having a lot of problems getting my son from the potty to the toilet and this worked perfect. The splash guard and seat design have made sure that everything he does goes right down into the toilet.
Customer service was very helpful when I called and encouraged me to measure and even stayed on the phone while I did.
It doesn't slip or move and the student has been using it and is just about trained after only 4 weeks.

I have a 3 year old that looks 5, so the potty seats sold in the department stores really don't work, they're too small. I brought this to my mothers house in hopes in would fit on hers but when's son sat on it he aimed it was too hard and hurt. I assumed (you know what they say about "assume") that the Potty Scotty Toilet Seat II would fit the standard toilet!
And after paying $50+ for rushed shipping, the size mismatch added to our already stressful situation of potty training our son.

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