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Maybe lots of people know little about the Pull-up diaper , it is similar to the diaper , compare with it ,only the Pull-up diaper is like the small underwear, wear off freely . The pull-up diaper breaks traditional baby usage concept , our company existing brand is ‘AIQI BABY ’ for baby pull-up diaper and products feature is using simulation human design .With the feature of waistline 360-degree fixed on the waist , like to wear cotton elastic waistline pants , it can’t be fall off and liquid lateral leakage when user lies down in any posture .
Other than the one issue with poop, the trainers are very well made and hold quite a bit of pee. Pros: He was able to pull these up and down himself, unlike the other more expensive brand we bought.
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Super Undies Pull-On Potty Training Pants are completely waterproof through the wet zone, but made with super stretchy side tabs for easy on and off action.
Curity Training Pants combine the look and feel of real underwear with the protection needed for potty-training toddlers.
Medline's Protection Plus Disposable Protective Underwear feature the """"pull up"""" design that gives patients the comfort and feel of underwear. Pull-Ups Training pants are fun, colorful and cleverly made--designs fade when they get wet.
Under the Nile Organic Cotton Training Pants are learner underwear that assist in the transition from diapers to regular underwear. Training pants for boys and girls make potty training easy to learn with fun fabric character designs that fade when wet.
Bambo Nature Training Pants are considered one of the very best disposable pull-ups in the world.
Full-stretch continuous waistbands makes them feel just like real underwear - easy on and off. Pull-Ups Training Pants with Learning DesignsHelping your child learn to stay dryPULL-UPS Training Pants are designed to get kids interested in potty training.

Your baby is growing up fast and you know what that means; time to graduate from Seventh Generation's Chlorine-Free Diapers to our new Chlorine-Free Training Pants. INDICATIONS : Goodnites Sleep Shorts for Boys offers a new choice for Boys that give them trusted nighttime protection in a cool new style. Disposable, absorbent youth pants that provide advanced overnight protection for children of all ages. Ultra soft pant with absorbent core, dual leg cuffs and high performance transfer layer keeps skin dry and provides maximum leakage protection day or night. Gerber Waterproof Potty Trainers - 2 Pack - Boys Size 3T Gerber 2 pack All-in-One Waterproof Trainers are made of 100% cotton interlining and 100% PEVA outer covering. Toddler potty training pants are useful in assisting toddlers to learn bladder control by experiencing the sensation of feeling wet. And with the elastic waistline , whatever baby movements in any way , still fit very well .
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I bought these training pants for my daughter and they are holding up very well almost 6 months into potty training. I like the patterns although it would be nice if they'd bring back the farm animal print--that was my daughter's favorite! We were at the stage of potty training where he would go potty if I took him but he wouldn't tell me he had to go and therefore was having accidents if I didn't anticipate his needs. They would not hold a whole business, allthough they have a waterproof layer inside, but it is useless. After reading other reviews, I knew that my son would probably still get somewhat wet with these after accidents. For reference, our 2 year-old daughter is tall, wears 3T pants, and is about 32 lbs, and the large fits well.

They do not replace a nappy in absorbency but are useful during the day in preventing little accidents.
We've had several poops and these and I know some people were concerned about it leaking out, but so far, we haven't had that issue.
Super Undies Pull-On Potty Training Pants have a layer of micro-fiber built in, making them suitable as a trickle trainer. I like that these are thin but have a light layer for a sprinkle, and pull up like regular underwear. The trainers pull up and down like ordinary underwear but have an absorbent saddle made from bamboo towelling plus a breathable waterproof layer.
My only issue with the poops is that it is hard to get the training pants off before poop gets all over the child. Now re-designed with a pass through pocket that runs strategically from the front to the back this allows you to customize your absorption. These are much more absorbent than regular Gerber training pants, which we also have and like for other reasons.
We are just starting our potty training journey, so we will have to report back again with how these compare to the other few cloth trainer brands we purchased. The problem is not just that they leak through the legs: the pee soaks straight through all the layers to the outside regardless of the so-called "waterproof" layer. Now MOM can take full control of her potty training plan, and the natural consequences of an accident as she is ready.
It was really no different than having him wear 2 pairs of the cheaper Gerber padded training underwear.

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