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It turns out that Erica took a potty-training class from a San Francisco preschool teacher named Julie Fellom, who has since become known locally as a potty-training guru.
A child who continues to wear disposable diapers between the ages of 2 and 3 creates an additional half-ton of solid landfill waste. 8) Don’t leave the house until he has gone pee in the potty at least 10 times, and he’s initiating going potty on his own.
The method I used with my son is based on a class taught by Julie Fellom, founder of Diaper Free Toddlers San Francisco.
Crate training is when you put your dachshund in a small crate or kennel and hope that he will hold in his urge to pee or poop until you let him out. Walk your puppy every couple of hours – I know that might sound like a lot, but puppies need to be walked more often than adult dogs. Watch out for what time your dachshund needs to go, and take him out during those times – Some dogs need to go outside after 10 minutes of eating, others after 20 minutes. Reward the dog for going potty outdoors – Because going potty indoors is now a habit, you need to make potty time outdoors a lot more rewarding. I didn’t want to go through another potty-training nightmare with my son, who was a little over 2 at the time. You will probably also notice signs that the pee is on the way; for example, maybe he starts to dance around a bit. Nearly 1,400 San Francisco parents have taken her class and successfully potty trained their kids before 27 months.
Yes, some parents skip diapers all together or they start when their baby is only a few months old. I shared my experience with this quick and easy potty-training method on ABC’s View from the Bay.

The longer you let your dog to potty indoors, the harder it will be for them to drop the habit. If your dog smells a spot and remembers that he has gone there before, he will be more inclined to go potty there again.
If you have work, ask your neighbors or hire a dog walker to walk the dog while you’re not home. The only difference is the dog needs to unlearn the old habits before he can learn new ones. Time how long on average your dachshund needs to go potty and schedule your walks around that time. When housebreaking your adult dachshund, give him a treat or at least some praise for doing his business outdoors.
If you wait longer, you’ll be dealing with a temperamental, strong-minded 2-year-old who will likely resist the process. Your child is also probably ready if she’s having a bowel movement at about the same time every day. You can pull up your carpets or just have them cleaned afterward–if there even is any mess. You provide your child with shelter, food, clothing, unconditional love–the least he can do for you is go pee in the pot. With infant potty training, also called “elimination communication,” parents observe their child closely, taking cues from the child’s body language and trying to get him to a potty, a toilet, or even a sink before he eliminates. It’s the best way to housetrain your dog and show him that peeing and pooping should be done only outside! If you work close to your home, you can also pop in during a lunch break to let your dog out.

I spent four miserable months negotiating with my 3-year-old daughter to get her to sit on the potty. It’s wise to not put underwear on your child for several weeks after he’s learned to use the potty; just put on his pants. A baby may grunt, grimace, or stop nursing sending the parent a signal that the big event is coming. First thing you should remember is that you should never punish or hit your dachshund puppy for having an accident.
Remember that dachshund dogs have strong sense of smell, which means even if you can’t smell the odor, they probably can. From my point of view, limiting the dog’s space and freedom to prevent accidents from happening is not worth it. I bribed her with Skittles, made sticker charts, and read countless books about kids pooping in pots. For more information, check out Infant Potty Training: A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapted to Modern Living by Laurie Boucke.
Housebreaking is about teaching them, not punishing them for things they don’t understand.

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