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Step one to getting your unruly toddler potty trained is to let them think it was their idea. For more great potty training support, check out the Pull-Ups® YouTube Channel and their Time to Potty App! If you’re feeling lucky, enter the sweepstakes below for a chance to win one of 5 $100 Kroger Gift Cards, or one of 2 Potty Training Prize Packs valued at $200 each! I especially love the adorable animated cartoons of this book and that it comes with a DVD to  bring the book to life. So although it gets a couple stars for creativity and good pictures, it just was not a helpful to us for actual potty training (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I should start by saying my daughter loves this book. There are some great potty training books aimed at Toddlers to introduce them to using the potty, wearing pants and growing up, start reading them before you go for potty training so that the concepts of using the potty, doing wees and poos and wearing pants are familiar to them before hand. As the Zoo is one of our favourite places to visit, when I saw Zoo Poo at the Library it was perfect for us. I want my Potty by Tony Ross is another really nicely illustrated book and I love the way that it finishes which I hope will help J to realise that accidents do happen but it’s not a problem. Do you have any Potty Training Book recommendations that I could add to my list for the future? I am a toddler twos lead teacher and my toddler and twos friends love the book Duck goes Potty!
The best potty training book we used was Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle by Axel Scheffler (published by Nosy Crow). On Your Potty, Little Rabbit— Another great story in which Anna, a toddler explains to her toy rabbit how to use the potty. This classic book from 1975 helpen me train, helped my son train, and now my daughter won’t let it go. Welcome to Rainy Day Mum, I'm Cerys, a mum, a teacher, a marine biologist and now a writer.
Before I started potty training the little one I was on the lookout for a book to get him used to the idea. He even sits on the loo reading it to himself now (well looking at the pictures and making it up as he goes along), so it’s a part of his toilet routine and definitely one that he enjoys. After attempting to potty train him twice before and failing miserably, I’d definitely recommend getting a potty book for parents who are considering taking the plunge themselves. The truth is that, those same parents will tell you that IF you follow a proven plan and consistenly encourage your child, potty training can be done both quickly and easily. Carol was raised in a large extended family where potty training was considered a natural part of parenting, just like learning how to drink from a cup or blowing one’s nose.
There is no doubt about it that Potty Training in 3 Days by Carol Cline is among the best available resources for parents who want a potty training solution that guarantees results.
The book is perfect for introducing your child to the idea of potty training in a fun and entertaining way. There are 3 parts to the potty party: first you give your child a new doll and the 3 of you have a party(playing games, reading books, watching potty training videos). The Potty Book for Girls and The Potty Book for Boys both by Alyssa Satin are among Amazon’s Top 20 Books for Kids. In the girls version of the book Alyssa tells the story of a little girls who needs to have her diapers change in order to go out and play.
Then one day mommy and daddy bring home a big box and she is excited to find out what’s in the box. She then finds the potty chair, and from there on the story of how the little girl starts to learn how to use the potty is told through the help of fun and engaging images and text.
The rhyming story together with the images makes it very easy for your child to memorize potty training routines.
Once Upon a Potty is a book that comes in 2 versions, a version for girls and another one for boys. Thanks to the timeless words and advice Alona shares in her books, both of them are still discovered and widely used by the new generation of parents to help them toilet train their toddlers. The book tells the story of Prudence(girls version) and Joshua(boys version) on how they received their first potty and started learning how to use it successfully. Filled with fun, eye-catching illustrations and clear, age-appropriate language, Alona’s books engage children in a very efficient way, making potty training a whole lot easier for the parents. Taro Gomi’s book is a very good resource to help parents explain potty training to their child. Everyone Poops is a very entertaining book that illustrates how different kind of animals eat and poop. If you’re an open-minded parent and want to include some humor in the potty training process, this is the ideal book to read to your child. But before I leave you with these valuable resources, there is just one favor I would like to ask you, it would mean the world to me. Potty training can be scary to think about, but we’re here to help with a few tips and some of our favorite potty training finds.

The Ubbi 3-in-1 potty combines functionality with a modern design, providing parents with the convenience of a single product throughout all the phases of potty training and beyond: 1) potty 2) toilet trainer 3) step stool. The Ubbi 3 in 1 potty has a built-in splash-guard and a deep inner bowl that is easy to clean and remove. Ubbi features innovative products that are designed and created with parents and children in mind, and this potty is a perfect example of that. Encourage your little boy to do BIG BOY things with this adorable new personalized storybook from I See Me! The book increases self-esteem by encouraging young boys that they CAN DO IT, and it emphasizes how great he will feel when he learns to do “big boy” things. My little guy really loved reading this book, and, even before we fully started the potty training journey, we read this book on repeat.
One lucky reader will win their own Potty-Training Essentials kit from our sponsors, Earth’s Best, Ubbi and I See Me! CatherineCatherine is an Air Force wife enjoying the sunshine and warm weather of Arizona after 4 years of living in Germany. I haven’t really pushed the potty onto him since I know that pushing too hard can lead to resistance, which makes it even harder to get them out of diapers. After I drop his big brothers off at school, we head to Ralph’s to look for markdowns on organic food. The new designs featuring Doc McStuffins and Ariel for girls and Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Lightning McQueen for boys are definitely intriguing.
We got the same amount of Pull-Ups® training pants we would have gotten had we bought two packs,  and for the same price, but it also included some flushable wipes and some tools to help with the potty training journey. Giveaway is hosted by Collective Bias, Inc, and Mommy Mania is not responsible for winner selection or fulfillment. With mixed potty success through the book, terms like It's ok and accidents happen are used.
But it isn't helping her understand a damn thing about the potty, and in fact seems to be setting up rather bizarre expectations about what is possible and achievable on the toilet. For more information about this please see our disclosure policy.I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. It goes through in rhymes that all Animals do poos from a Giraffe to a Chimpanzee and then finishes with what we do by going on the Loo (it’s very English in that respect). It’s written in rhyme and again uses Animals and the various things that they could be doing that would be taking them so long. I seem to have a large collection of books about pants – it seems pants are trending in the kid-lit world! His mom models how parents can be supportive of their children as they learn to use the potty.
There are other great stories about Anna and her rabbit about learning to brush teeth, swim, and taking baths.
Come and join us as I share ideas for kids, family from those to support learning and bring books alive, to family travel in the UK and further afield as well as wholesome home cooked recipes and much more. If you would like more information or wish to discuss this further please email cerys [at] rainydaymum [dot] co [uk]. We could have chosen from a Princess, Prince or Pirate book, but of course my little pirate mad monster thought this one would be great.
I started reading it to him just before we started potty training and I think it really helped that he knew it was about him – he even recognised his name on the front of the book.
This is much more than a simple book, the guide comes with a DVD, free reward charts and a FREE CONSULTATION with Carol herself. Leslie’s book features simple text, bright acrylic illustrations, and everyday situations that are scientifically proven to engage and influence toddler boys and girls. According to her, a potty party day is able to engage your child like no other potty training method.
While doing all these activities you with the help of your child teach the doll how to use the potty. And the third and final part is about inviting everyone to the party, dad, brothers and sisters, grandparents so that they can all congratulate your child for potty training his doll.
It also goes into detail on how babies poop in a diaper, small children in a potty, and older children and adults use the toilet.
Ever since I potty trained my two boys, Daniel and Mark, I've been helping countless other parents do the same with their toddlers. No matter how different our parenting styles may be, everyone potty trains their little ones at some point or another.
What worked for us will hopefully work for you—so be sure to enter our giveaway and join our twitter party where we talk about all things potty training—the good and the bad!
We love multi-functional products and you should have seen our excitement with our Ubbi 3-in-1 potty was delivered to our doorstep.
Ergonomically designed for comfort, the toilet trainer has integrated handles for an added sense of stability and security, with a non-skid edge that is contoured to safely hold the child in place when on the potty or on the toilet.

The Ubbi 3 in 1 potty with it’s modern design and bright orange trim fits in nicely with our bathroom decor. We like the ease of the tear-away sides and the fact that they can easily be pulled up and down.
Plus, access to Pull-Ups® Big Kid Academy, which is a great online potty training resource. When she's not saying "keep your body parts off of your brother," she enjoys cooking gourmet meals for the harshest five-year-old food critic in town, tuning out the blasting volume of the television, and running through a Lego obstacle course with bare feet. It walks children through the steps of potty training, from picking out a potty and some new pants to little accidents and mastering how to use it.
First, and most importantly, make sure both you and your child are ready to start the potty-training journey. The potty rests on a colorful and contemporary bottom that keeps firmly on the floor without sliding around, converting into a practical stand-alone stepstool. Our bathroom, while it has horrible lighting, has fun bright colors throughout for my boy and girl. My second son took slightly longer, but was still under three years old when he was fully accident-free.
On our most recent shopping trip I rolled him down the baby aisle and pointed out all of the cool Pull-Ups® training pants to choose from. The three different kinds of gender and size specific training pants include Cool Alert®, Learning Designs®, and Night*Time Training Pants, so you can guide your big kid to the one that will work best for them. With my second son it was the Ikea play area that he desperately wanted to go in, you have to be completely potty trained for it, so it was a matter of days until he was done with his training pants. The Potty Train book will teach kids that its time to say good-bye to diapers and take the journey to Underpants Station.
But the picture is of the child being sprayed with water, and his companions, an elephant and a giraffe, are being sprayed with water.
When potty training I prefer training pants over diapers because they fit bigger kids better, they are easy to take on and off, and they have indicators to help with recognizing wetness. The cute and colorful children potty training book should help your future conductor or train enthusiast learn to use the potty.The Potty Train Book takes you and your child on a train ride while giving encouragement and support, it explains that potty training may take a while, and along the way you may have accidents or you have to wait, but in the end you will succeed!Potty books for children are perfect for those kids who already love reading or having books read to them. Everyone told me that boys were the hardest but I had no problems with the first two at all.
We also offer potty books for parents so you can also learn some wonderful techniques for getting your little one potty trained with ease.
Given the way the metaphor has been set up, this would imply that soon, the child to whom the book is addressed will be sitting all night on the toilet. Other bizarre and alarming pictures include that accompanying the text "the potty train keeps chugging along", illustrated by the train on a track leading into what appears to be a giant twisty sewer pipe.
I try to skip over this one so my child doesn't dwell on the looming dark tunnel of waste into which her potty training experience will inevitably lead her. If you are looking for a book to clearly illustrate how to use the bathroom this is probably not the book, but it makes the concept fun and brings about questions.
The colors and story are just great! (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I purchased this book for our 2-year-old son, thinking that since he loves trains he'd love this book--and it would help us teach him about his upcoming potty training events. The content is very weak and does not at all describe the process of learning to use the potty.
I'd highly recommend that one, because it has clear, simple instructions a young child can understand. We'll see how much it really helps with the potty training, but I think it is a fun way to introduce the topic to him! (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I got this book because my son LOVES trains and we were working on potty training.
Yeah, the pictures are fun but I had to narrate the whole story so he would get what was going on. There were things like "Don't worry if you get off track and can't make it in time" with a picture of the giraffe running to catch up to the train and "On the potty train, leaks happen and you can get all wet" with a picture of rain falling on everyone while on the train. It was a good idea, obviously others liked it, just not me! (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I just picked up a copy of this book--it is terrific!
We are reading it with our almost 2-yr old son in the hope that it will get him excited about potty training. He now runs around the house yelling, "chugga poo poo!" It's the first book about the topic that I've seen that is entertaining for the kids as well as the parents.
The pictures are lovely, but the content of the book is entirely metaphorical - it's all about a boy learing to "ride the potty train", with little if any content about how to actually use a potty.

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