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It seems like every time we get into a nice groove with the potty training and I actually trust Lily to take herself to the potty before she gets wet, everything goes completely downhill and it’s like Lily was never potty trained at all. During her most recent regression, I realized she was messing up because she was upset about the upcoming change of school letting out for summer. I don’t have any answers about how to handle potty training regression or how to avoid it. Potty training doesn't have to be hard or stressful, read our tips about potty training regression after 2 weeks late? She had tons of accidents every day for the two weeks leading up to the end of school and two weeks AFTER school let out.

It comes, it lasts an insane amount of time, and the next thing we know all the accidents are gone for a while and she’s dry all the time. When she first started using the potty at 14 months, I never imagined our road to potty training would still be ongoing at 3 years, 9 months.
Edward Christophersen says no matter how Find tips on dealing with toilet training setbacks and accidents. I mean, as I said before I do yell about potty training… especially when faced with 5 pairs of pants to launder a day after someone has been allegedly potty trained for 9 months and was a potty training prodigy more than 2 years ago.
And when it’s finally finished, when she finally stops with the regressions, little Rose will be ready to start the whole ordeal all over again.

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