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When potty-training isn’t going well, is there ever a point where you should just pack it in and go back to diapers? So once again, oh seasoned veteran parent of boys and collective brilliance of the internet, please fix my kid’s issue.
I mean, when I’ve dealt with the halfway-there kiddos, we were dealing with one poop incident a DAY. Amy also documented her second pregnancy (with Ezra) in our wildly popular Weekly Pregnancy Calendar, Zero to Forty. Sign up for the web’s most entertaining (while informative) weekly newsletter on your pregnancy!
I don’t have twins, but two of my boys are 10 months apart, which is not exactly the same thing but there are similarities. Really there is no reason for them to be up and trashing their room during nap time and using the carpet as a toilet. For a period if time my daughter would only poop during nap time and would take her diaper off.
Now that she knows the rules I can go about my business (cleaning, phone calls, etc) and she barely even notices.
My youngest son is 2.5 years old and up until 2 weeks ago I thought we had cracked potty training, but then he started to pee.
Affiliate RelationshipsWe have affiliate revenue relationships with Amazon, and with other retailers that are handled by third parties like Skimlinks, RewardStyle, Commission Junction and Linkshare. They may have been moving along quite nicely; progressing towards the goal of potty independence only to go inexplicably go backwards. They may have been at a point where they were able to head to the potty on their own after having felt the need to "go" and now they come to the parent with pleas to go to the potty with them. Or maybe they were able to interpret their body's signals and were able to get to the potty in time nearly every time, but now, they are leaving potty accidents all over the home. Whatever situation parents find themselves in, there are some things that can be done to identify the root problem. When there has been a big change in normal routine or schedules at home this can provide a ripe environment for potty training set-backs. Traveling at the holidays, bring home a new baby, or out of town guests or family can all lead to distractions for potty training.
Often with visiting cousins or friends it is simply a matter of having so much fun playing and visiting that the child actually forgets or tries to delay taking a moment to get up from play and go potty. Parents can bring in extra potty chairs and place them strategically throughout the house or backyard. Simply having more access to the potty will enable the child to "make it" to the potty in time.
In many cases, toddlers may experience a much higher degree of stress since they are powerless to make changes to the situation or do not understand the circumstances.
Parents can reduce the impact of stress on training by taking a few extra minutes every day to spend some time with toddler on the potty with books, etc. Parents may find this difficult, especially if there is an emotionally stressful situation the family may be working through.
However, taking little breaks throughout the day will have positive effects for both toddler and parent. Toddlers are now able to relate verbally to parents and have just discovered the word, "No." This isn't necessarily a bad then, when used with the correct attitude. Parents may be unaware of creating conflict by offering the toddler too much control of his or her environment.
If a parent suspects their child is addicted to choice, they can "test" the situation by removing choices and simply making the decision to serve orange juice in the red cup with bacon and eggs.
If the toddler reacts with negative behavior, the parent can address the behavior with whatever consequences they have chosen for their home. Once the child understands that the parents is constantly in control they will be more cooperative. Need more potty training tips and advice on potty training problems or just general advice, check out all of our Potty Training Articles! Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available 10 best dog foods How to Tell the Sex of a Newborn Pomeranian Dog Bowls to Prevent Fast Eating Traditions and Gifts for the Birth of a Muslim Child Signs that a man wants to leave you List of Common Genetic Traits How to make a rooster be quiet? Be consistent in your effortsRemember never to give in to potty training regression by getting back to diapers. Provide positive reinforcement to the childYou can motivate the child by giving a candy or a little present, if he or she remains dry for the entire day.
Do not give negative attention to wet clothesTry to say very little or nothing at all about soiled or wet clothes. Encourage your child to help clean the messYou can encourage your child to help with cleaning up the mess like dumping the poop in the toilet or helping wash the messy underwear along with the mother. Do not get into the negative mode by getting critical and emotional about the potty training regression incidences in your child. Do not make it a disciplinary matterDiscipline means being consistent and not any form of punishment like being harsh, time out or spanking. Do not despair and revert back to diapersThe worst thing to do for a parent would be to give up fighting the battle of potty training regression and reverting back to diapers. My darling kiddos never did stop taking off their diapers at naptime so we decided in January to go cold turkey and potty train. Kid One quickly filled his sticker chart and got to go to Target with Daddy (By himself!) and pick out a toy. Who went through an extended potty training regression after the birth of my third child, especially when it came to poop.
You have a kid consistently having multiple accidents a day, every day, with or without diapers, standing in front of the toilet and making no effort. He obviously gets a good amount of the process, but something just hasn’t finished connecting all the dots. Since he’s doing great on the pee front, you could do pull-ups that let him hold on to that bit of independence. We did two solid weeks of cold-turkey, reward-linked training over the xmas holidays and she only went in the potty twice. It IS shaming to say that and it will feel like a failure on his part, especially if his brother is having zero problems with PT. And are you SURE he is going into the bathroom, then pooping, not pooping, then going in the bathroom? He has apraxia of speech which caused many delays as well as sensory issues but now he seems to be a happy little boy and mostly caught upto his peers.

If a parent moves through the day giving the child one choice after another, this can foster an elevated sense of control. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
Most parents spend a lot of time and effort in potty training their child, and suddenly one day, the child starts regressing. There are many reasons that children have like being scared of wiping and getting their hands dirty, scared of hearing the sound of flush and many other toilet fears. This kind of positive reinforcement can boost up the confidence of children to do even better the next time round. Kids enjoy helping and treat this like a regular clean-up activity and not as a punishment.
Negative reactions and punishments can in fact reinforce the wrong behavior and habit in your child, instead of improving upon it. Try to introduce positive reinforcements and make yourself more open to communication, to help ease out the matter. Getting a child back on track is a process and it doesn’t take a few hours or days to be corrected. Aside from publishing a bevy of life improvement guides, Dr Prem runs a network of 50 niche websites that attracts millions of readers across the globe. Edward Christophersen says no matter how Find tips on dealing with toilet training setbacks and accidents. Kid Two totally covets the Cookie Monster toy his brother picked out, and keeps talking about how he is going to get Elmo as his treat. I brought it up to our pediatrician, having tried everything I could think of, including stickers, rewards, bribes, praise, ignoring, you name it. It saved my sanity (I did have that pesky newborn at the time, after all) to not be fighting the poop battle or cleaning up accidents, and it turned out the happiness over the diapers was incredibly short-lived. So prepping him with the rules and using the silent treatment and return to bed method really worked for us. He is in JK and recently his teacher sent all his pull-ups and diapers home saying he hasn’t had any accidents at school in 4 months! However, rest assured that our affiliate relationships do not guide our product recommendations, at all. Other children get more intimidated by the mother giving a lot of importance to wet clothes, and try repeating their actions to get more attention. This way your child will gain more responsibility and would understand the amount of hard work that goes into cleaning all the mess. Your consistent efforts to make the child realize the right from the wrong in a positive manner, would be the right kind of discipline to the child. Take this as a challenge and try to use this as an opportunity of knowing your child in a better way. At times, children hold back their bowel movements when they have painful experiences, therefore a constipated child refrains from using the potty and goes into the regression mode.
Thus far, Dr Prem has traveled to more than 40 countries, addressed numerous international conferences and offered his expert training and consultancy services to more than 150 international organizations.
Kid Two, however, did great the first two weeks, then about 3 weeks ago started pooping in his pants.
Except he has earned exactly ZERO stickers because he has not made a single poopy in the potty. I mean, if you had a kid who could poop on the potty but peed his pants the rest of the time, you’d have him in some good absorbent pants, right? However, I think one of the reasons that phrase worked for Ezra is that he actually had a baby in the house whom he was jealous of, and he was actively trying to reassert his role as mama’s baby by crapping his pants.
We finally figured out that he just wanted to be alone when he poops, so we set him on the little potty and closed the door down to just a crack, then sat outside the bathroom with our backs to the door.
A lot of parents deal with this situation head-on, whereas others might despair and resort to diapers. Tell yourself that you’re not the only parent fighting the battle of potty training regression. Positive reinforcement can effectively help them come out of the potty training regression phase quite easily. You could perhaps make your child understand how unhygienic it is to do all that in clothes. Being positive and consistent are the two main things, you would require for winning against potty training regression. There can be a host of medical reasons like urinary infection, a small bladder, dietary problems and others that may want you to seek medical help to get it corrected. He also owns and leads a web services and technology business, supervised and managed by his eminent team.
Meanwhile, the sticker thing is motivating Kid One like crazy and he’s 1 sticker away from his 2nd treat in a week.
And would have no motivation to finish training, now that accidents were off the table, etc. Either way, your priority now should be to stop the accidents happening in underwear, rather than pushing him to go on the potty. Potty training regression is something that can surely be overcome with a lot of love, support and patience. We have tried to go back to the bootcamp, following him around without his pants, rushing him to the potty when needed. He decided that he was not a baby after all and was tired of being treated like one, and that was that. And while your son shows some signs of being ready, none of them are quite as compelling as the whole HALF A DOZEN POOP ACCIDENTS EVERY SINGLE DAY thing. I would suggest going with the above suggestion to tell him that he may not be ready for underwear.
However, the setback is usually temporary and can be rectified within a reasonable time frame and actually quite easily.How To Take Care Of Potty Training RegressionAt this point, if there are no other problems, you may just need to offer reminders to use the potty so that the bowel movement is done there instead of going on the floor. He pooped on the potty one day and refused to even consider anything but his big-boy pants the next. But I can tell you that continuing to drive yourselves collectively crazy with HALF A DOZEN POOP ACCIDENTS ON A DAILY BASIS is not going to solve anything. I would also consider keeping your other son in a pull-up at night, since his issue with wetting the bed is likely due to being a deeper sleeper than his brother or simply lacking muscle control. But I agree with the others – put him back in diapers but keep taking him to the potty on a routine, and make a HUGE deal if the diaper is dry and even more so if he goes.

This is easy if he or she has BMs at about the same time each day, but even if he or she doesn’t, you might have him or her sit on the potty for 4-5 minutes right after waking up and after meals.
They both did great for the first two weeks, we were able to discontinue M&Ms after about 4 days and the cheering and high-fives were enough incentive. It is actually quite normal for kids to stay in pull-ups at night for awhile after they are fully potty trained in the daytime. He even says “big boys need to use the toilet and babies use the potty and im a big boy” but he still Continies to pee himself all day at home! And how Buzz, and Woody and Elmo and Captain America and whomever else I can think of at the time all go poopy in the potty so he should too.
He will go into the bathroom, stand in front of the potty, and poop his pants without making so much as a tiny effort to go into the potty. I am out of ideas, but I am exhausted with changing his pants a dozen times a day, the laundry, oh the laundry, and I am dreading going into public because he is a ticking time bomb.
About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. That means cleaning them up matter-of-factly and reminding your child that they are supposed to go in the potty. With strong-willed children, reinforcing unwanted behavior will make them want to continue doing it. Even though ita€™s negative, ita€™s still attention, and thata€™s what they want.Figure out why potty training regression started. Talk to your child in a matter-of-fact way and ask them why they dona€™t want to use the potty anymore.
Children are very honest, and they will probably be a€?itchinga€? to tell you!If you feel you need to discipline, learn more about using effective discipline.
Discuss their responsibilities for their waste and the consequences for not following through on those responsibilities. Your child may have suffered previously from a painful bowel movement, causing him to refuse to use the potty.
If you let this process become emotionally charged, thata€™s where the focus will be and that is ineffective and negative.
Make it clear that this is their responsibility and simply instruct them about what needs to be done during clean-up and then when they have to go potty again.Often, distractions are a big part of potty training regression. For example, if they are watching a€?The Wigglesa€? and getting completely involved in dancing to a€?Do The Monkeya€? that they dona€™t go to the bathroom, make them go before the show is on and tell them that way they wona€™t have to worry about making an accident. However, when you punish your child for an accident, she may associate shame and embarrassment to using the potty. If they have an accident after that, turn off the program until they can control their behavior.Taking away something from a child when they have done something that is not a desired behavior can be a powerful motivator.
Your child may also become strong-willed as a result of criticism, refusing to use the potty.
They have to learn somehow, and this method works a€“ mean or not.Always follow up any discipline conversation with hugs and at least one a€?I love youa€?. If they think that you might withhold love, you could have the opposite effect of what you want. This happens throughout raising a child, so practice it often.Learn Why Potty Training Resistance OccurredAs Ia€™ve said before, learn why your child has stopped using the potty. It is easier for a child to learn the mechanics of going to the bathroom, but not so easy for him to accept some of the emotional issues that may come along later. And not all children are capable or willing to discuss it.If your child wants to talk, be there for him or her. Other reasons may include lack of desire to stop playing to go, loss of the excitement of this new a€?gamea€™, associating toileting with a€?growing upa€™ and deciding it is more comfortable to just stay little.There are some cases where children use toilet issues to express anger and aggression. Since he has been potty trained for so long, this is likely not a time to go back to diapers or pull-ups.
Remember that it is normal and common for children to have set backs with toilet training.If you have come to the realization that the accidents are not stopping and you have given your child the chance to work through it by themselves, you need to take a step back and look at all the information you have compiled throughout this process. Return to the days when you were just beginning toilet training and start from square one.You have choices. Do you want to obsess about it for weeks on end or just downplay it and let your child work his or her own way through the problem and get back to no-diapers or pull-ups?Each child is different.
That is why you need an arsenal of tools and tricks to get your youngster interested and keep him or her with the program until you have achieved that goal of independence.Some children really want to continue toileting. Sometimes the parent is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the child with his toileting routine. If you decide it is best to try to keep your child on track, then gear up for retraining in a positive, loving and supportive way.Prepare yourself for what can become a long, frustrating time. Even the most even- tempered, devoted and selfless of parents have found their limits tested.Frustrations can be minimized by planning to spend extra time with your child (preferably at home) observing when and why the accidents occur. If you find yourself becoming too frustrated with the situation to cope in a positive, loving and supportive way, consult your pediatrician, read and take parenting classes.Do not allow a significant other, mother-in-law or neighbor (however well-intentioned) to interfere with your parenting choices.
Pick your battles, and realize this one in particular can be a tough one.If you decide to go for retraining you need to be prepared to follow through in a positive way.
Whatever you decide, this is just one of many parenting decisions we must make with no clear-cut answer.
It will work out no matter how you proceed, as long as you have the childa€™s best interests in mind.Above all, just have fun with this process a€“ both during training and during potty training regression. Focus on enjoying this age and stage with your child.If you can keep a good attitude through all the trials, you will have given your child much more than basic toilet skills.
That is what is really important.If any concerns come up before, during, or after toilet training, talk with your pediatrician.
Often the problem or problems are minor and can be resolved quickly, but sometimes physical or emotional causes will require treatment.
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