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Disney Cars Step Stool (2) Cars Movie Underwear BriefsWe have many other Potty Training Kits with your child's favorite characters for you to check out! Side so you can focus on the information that you need give a Reward (and Get Creative!)Stickers elegant.
The Fisher-Price Cheer For Me Potty Seat provides realistic toilet elements mixed with fun, rewards and encouragement. When your child pushes the handle, they'll hear flushing sounds, rockin' music, and a recorded reward message.

This potty also offers a step stool mode and a trainer seat that removes to help ease the transition to the adult toilet. Your toddler will be rewarded with 5 phrases and 2 sing-along training songs for "contributions." This Fisher Price baby potty seat can be used in two stages. The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product. While the first stage is a full potty on the floor for the beginner with an easy clean bucket, in the second stage the seat and lid come off and snap onto the adult seat to help transition to the 'big' potty.

The baby potty seat also includes a retractable toilet paper roll holder and a chrome flush handle that clicks when used, to make your child feel like a grown-up. The highlight is that this Cheer For Me potty seat has guard provisions, especially for boys.

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