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Off the top of my head, I made up the chart pictured and listed the things that her dad and I would like to see her do without a fight, such as help clean up the toys, brush her teeth, and wash her hands.
We did us a sticker chart when we were in the process of potty training and whole lot of other positive reinforcements. Glad to hear that this positive reinforcement technique works with other moms & kids too!
I was searching for ideas of what to put on my son’s sticker chart and I came across your post. All photos, tutorials and patterns on this site are copyright by the author, Tiffany Bird, unless otherwise noted. My oldest daughter, Kaye, was almost 2 when she started to show signs of readiness of potty training. After our trip to Taiwan, I decided I wanted to transition Kaye into sleeping in a big girl bed before potty training her. Once Kaye turned 2, she still showed signs of readiness of potty training, but took no interest in it.
If you have read all the ready signs of potty training, looked into it a bit and decided to give it a go, here are a few tips that might help you in this arduous task. Read other potty training articles… back to basics tip for auto-flush toilets, your potty training questions answered, download a free potty training chart, 5 children’s potty books and adventures of modern mom story about when they revert.
Been at it for 3 days, and only 2 accidents in his underwear (I’m not counting what he does in his pull-ups when he sleeps).
I think it helped that we potty trained him after the baby was born, so there wasn’t a reversion issue.
For us it took putting my little girl in boys briefs because they had diego on them and a Diego Jeep on display in the bathroom for graduation. We took a 2 week period when my husband was on vacation to focus on potty training our 2 year old son.
So, thinking about this I realize that we’ve moved twice since he started potty training, but neither of those moves was planned when we started potty training. MY CHILDREN ARE 2 AND 4 SO READING THE STICKER CHART WAS AN ISSUE, SO INSTEAD OF WRITING THE WORDS OUT FOR MY 4 YEAR OLD-I TOOK PICTUES WITH MY DIGITAL OF WHAT NEEDED TO BE DONE- I TOOK A PICTURE OF A TOOTHBRUSH AND TOOTHPASTE FOR HIM TO BRUSH HIS TEETH, I TOOK A PICTURE OF HIS CLEAN ROOM FOR HIM TO PICK UP HIS ROOM! In the beginning, you will remind them constantly to go potty, and sometimes taking them to the potty even if they don’t need to go.
This will be a hard one, especially when you are dealing the 5th or 6th accident of the day and you are at wit’s end. When Kaye reverted after the new baby was born, we purchased a set of little Disney Princess figurines.
If you are traveling or moving shortly before or during potty training, you are sabotaging yourself and your child. Stay at home and potty train. You will most likely have a set of extra clothing and underwear in the diaper bag or your purse. We usually just clapped and shouted hooray when she went potty and that is good enough for her.

I start them right after they turn two and clear our schedule for at least a week if not two. We still have accidents, but we try to stay positive and make sure we involve him in the clean-up since he made the mess. We try to get him to just sit on the potty, but we screams and cries when he just does that. We had lots of talk about it before the vacation time so that he would not be surprised by it. Diapers just seem too easy for me, so I wonder if it is worth all the headache to enforce potty training with an uninterested two year-old, even though he has been physically capable of it for awhile. Evan will be 2 next month and I know he isn’t ready YET, but I hope he will be this winter. Every time he helps without complaining or does something nice for his brothers he gets a sticker.
It told me exactly how my child was going to react to potty training and the different tactics they will use when faced with this situation.
If she went a few days without an accident, a princess will show up on her pillow before bedtime with a personal note. I think the hardest for her was getting to the point where she could recognize that she needed to go and how to tell us that she needed to go. I looked up your info on the About page to see how old your daughter was when you started this and it turns out my kids are a month younger than each of your kids. Well, the good news is although most people will tell you that your child should be potty trained by the age of 2, statistics say otherwise. Because if you are totally into this, and you convince them you are, then they’ll get with the program.
Unless you are potty training at 1 years old or your child has special circumstances or disabilities, they should be able to grasp the concept. She didn’t like all the noise, the size of everything, the loud flushing and the fans and hand dryers.
My daughter is stinkin smart and everything else that I have found on how to potty train make it sound like they just don’t understand it. The only thing I can say is that they are all different and waiting until they are ready is worth it. It’s on our fridge and when he starts acting up I jump on the first thing he does that is positive.
I decorated the living room with little underwear and had lots of pink drinks around (juice, strawberry PediaSure or strawberry milk). I would bring her into a stall, allowed her to get acquainted to this new environment and waited until she was ready. One time I insisted no diaper (I was just going to clean poop off the floor if I need to)but he just held it and held it until he pooped in his sleep! That is usually enough to remind him he better start acting better because he wants a treasure from our treasure chest.

Potty training is one of those moments where you need to give your child uninterrupted attention. But I noticed, the more I backed off on reminders, the more willing she would go on her own. We sang songs, I told her stories, we read books, she flipped through children magazines or catalogs. Or you might forget that you used the set in the diaper bag last time and forgot to refill it. Once they get the hang of it and know what is going on, then get back into regular routine.
Or something that you will give up if it doesn’t work the first few days or even weeks. I’m trying to be patient and positive, but a year of this seems to be draining the life out of me! We had a collection of children potty books. Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day is a book with themes, ideas and activities for potty parties.
If they are accountable for their mess each time they make one, they will learn that they don’t want to make messes anymore. Even if the child does not go on the potty you can praise her for making partial progress.How does a potty chart work?Potty charts basically remind you to praise your child’s effort during potty training and recognize small achievements along the way. Training seats are nice because they get your child used to going to the toilet in the first place. A trip to the museum, a sleepover at grandma’s house, a bigger toy they have been eyeing or something else they really want or would like.
Our printable potty charts list the milestones that need to be reached until your child can be potty trained. Although it can be tricky for your child to get on a step, pull down pants and turn around to sit on the potty alone without falling. The “intensity” of a week or two of serious potty training is totally worth it! Complement her and let her know what a good job she is doing even if she doesn’t make it to the potty on time.For some kids getting stickers on their potty chart will be all they need to keep them motivated.
Some kids will want a prize when they complete their chart or each time they are successful. We call this a “potty prize” and if you are going to give one then you might find it helpful to keep a jar of small prizes handy during potty training.
See what works for your child.Isn’t giving my child a “potty prize” a form of bribery?A reward is given AFTER your child successfully uses the potty.
A “potty prize” should be given soon after your child successfully uses the potty in order to make a firm association between the “potty prize” and the success on the potty.

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