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No matter how simple or complex your potty-training strategy is, the BABYBJÖRN Smart Potty is a smart tool that makes this phase easier.
The Smart Potty is comfortable for kids to sit on, which will help encourage reluctant potty-ers.
Keeps the potty chair from sliding on a slippery bathroom floor, and keeps kids from falling off. How to potty train your child before age 2 – semiproper, Reply karisa august 17, 2015 at 4:36 pm.
12 things i wish someone had told me about potty training, It took 18 agonizing months of potty training my daughter before she all of a sudden decided on her own to potty train 100% one day about a month before her 3rd birthday.. Should parents use potty training rewards with tots?, Should parents use potty training rewards to motivate children?

Potty training chart {free printable!} - the scrap shoppe, Today i want to share our potty training story as well as a free potty chart printable for you!
The bathroom and potty training blues - a sensory life!, The bathroom and potty training blues an unfortunate and unpleasant sensory challenge. An ergonomic design makes it comfortable to sit on (especially important if you've got a potty-reader on your hands), and it's light and easy to empty and clean.
It is easy to empty and clean and will rest firmly on the floor, even if your child moves about. The Smart Potty is designed to take up minimal space, so it's good for travel and fits well in small bathrooms. You sit him for twenty minutes on the potty urging him to use it – and then as soon as you give up and put him in a diaper, there he goes.

A rubber grip bottom and skid-resistant seating keeps your Smart Potty from scooting across the floor while your child is doing his business, and a generous splash guard helps cut down on messes.
You try to outsmart, cajole, and bribe your child, but potty-training ultimately only works when your child is ready.

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