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We at Potty Training Concepts want to make sure that you have everything you need when you come here. Since receiving this video she sat on the potty a lot more than usual (she has a baby sister which had slowed things down) Now she is going to the potty all the time. She takes the potty to the "big" potty and flushes bye-bye which she learned from once upon a potty. He continues to enjoy watching "Potty Power" and it reinforces what he's learning and that it's a good thing to be a "big kid" with no more diapers. The Potty Time with Elmo app is a fun way to ease the transition from diapers to big-kid underpants.

However, he continued to show interest in the DVD off and on and talked about what he had learned from the DVD. Developed for children 18 months and up, this app features an interactive story about Elmo helping his toy Baby David learn to use the potty. Part of the way to make sure that you have a great experience when potty training is to have the tools necessary to make that happen. Especially after already getting a potty seat and stool or training pants and underwear, as well as bathroom stickers and more. So we have created this entire section of free potty training videos so you can still have all the tools that you need when the potty training process begins.

We have free Potty Training Video for both boys and girls; there is also the Free Video of Potty Training Tips too. We also offer many other types of videos that may work for parents that are beginning the potty training process and are looking for something a little different. Phil Potty Training Video, the Potty Training Booty Camp video by The Doctors and the Potty Training in One-Day video that was on Good Morning Texas too. However, if your child relates better to known characters or characters in books, we also have the Dr.

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