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3 Valuable Tools Included:1 - Using The Toilet social story book2 - Laminated Bathroom schedules2 - Laminated Hand Washing schedules This book has the added benefit of PECS Sentence Strips. Despite not having the words to express himself, he will still let you know in his own way. Ahhhhh this is seriously my life right now -_- my daughter is speech delayed and let me tell you when a kiddo doesn’t have the language skills EVERYTHING is 100 times harder.
I had 4 children & each one was different my girls were pretty easy to train, but the boys oh brother. I think potty training in general is pretty difficult, adding any kind of delayed learning or disability on top of it, can make it even harder, this is great advice and I think the important thing for parents is to be patient.

This is a great post indeed for parents who are learning to potty train their child with or without speech delay. I think just like with other skills in life, things come in time and the world would be boring if we all mastered everything at the same time, eh?
I was able to potty train my daughter wh is now 7 years old and I know I’m gonna be potty training another one soon.
Potty training can be difficult but with the right mindset and the correct actions, it can definitely be done easily. Potty training is no easy feat and it’s the start of a huge change for both baby and you.

Purpose of social stories:• I ncrease understanding• D ecrease anxiety• E ducate your child about an event• A ffirm success • S hare informationThis story is 14 pages and measures approx.
ALL MATERIALS are printed in color on heavy duty card stock and heat laminated with commercial plastic.

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