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Positive Reinforcement: Rewards and bribery have proved to be the absolute best way to get kids interested in going potty. The sticker chart is adorable- We had good success with a regular (every 30 for us) potty stop, until the toddler was asking to go on her own!
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.One of the biggest hurdles a parent goes through is potty training. Some of these signs may be: telling you when they are going potty in their diaper, the ability to pull their pants up and down, can communicate their needs to you, wakes up dry at night, asks to go potty etc. Add in constantly switching between pull ups and panties…and they just can’t get it right! We always used positive reinforcement, there was a lot of cheering going on in that bathroom! Thankfully I only have one child left to train (out of 4) and he is only 7 mos so I’m off the hook for a bit anyway! Lover of social media and blogger of all things parenting, life and throwing some reviews and giveaways into the mix.

I hope these tips will help us all get our children out of diapers before they graduate high school. Once they get better at going potty allow them to pick out a toy that they REALLY want from the toy aisle, put it somewhere in the house where they can see it and be reminded that they can earn it. Start out with a schedule, for instance -wake up sit on the potty, after they eat sit on the potty, before nap sit on the potty, when they wake up again sit on the potty…and so on. Once you start potty training try to only wear panties (except when sleeping), even when you are out and about.
Though my daughter is a bit unique as she has some mental delays and communication barriers, so I have to do things a little differently with her. Set a goal for your child to earn that toy – for instance 1 whole day with no accidents or for a larger reward 1 whole week accident free!
Make sitting on the potty convenient, perhaps put the potty seat in the living room near the TV or toys where they hang out. But for her brothers all of these were the keystones to having success with getting them potty trained.

Set a timer for every 20 minutes and have your child sit on the potty seat every time the timer goes off.
Little boys do not typically learn to potty standing up until they are fully potty trained. But it is so hard for toddlers to remember when they are wearing panties and when they are in a diaper.
When your child goes potty for those first few times make it in ordeal – jump up and down, dance a little jig – make them feel your excitement!

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