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It's time to quit letting some primitive form of eliminating be allowed in a clean bathroom. Aside from that, another successful method is to empty the bowl, dry it well then super glue a marble in side the bowl.
I have raised two boys (and two girls) so it's not like I don't know what I'm talking about. You can use this 2-4 minute Tinkle Timer as a tool for how long your child should actually sit on the potty.

Instead of debating whether he will go to the potty or not, we "debate" whether to use the rocket ship, car, or motorcycle. The timer takes away the power struggle on how long your toddler needs to sit on the potty chair.Turn the time over when you child sits on the potty. Wish they were a bit cheaper, but if I can get my son out of diapers, they will be worth every cent! Fantastic (Nov 29, 2008) Reviewer: Boston Mom I purchased these with a bit of skepticism and have used Piddlers. Your child can watch the cute monkey and bananas bounce around or play with other toys and hopefully will be relaxed enough to be able to void in the potty.

We brought them to his preschool and the teachers love them and found that other boys are willing to try just by watching my son. Empty bladder and bowel will prevent problems like urine frequency, belly pain, urinary infections, constipation, bed wetting, and accidents (urine and stool).

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