Potty training tips for golden retrievers,plataforma 934 harry potter,2 year old not interested in potty training zone - How to DIY

The first week is where you’re going to be watching your pup like a hawk, making sure you intervene before any accidents happen.
Though most dogs can handle sleeping through the night without accidents keep in mind that their bladders are awfully small so if you can avoid sleeping in I’d do so. When you consistently praise your puppy for going outside they’ll start to understand that going potty outside is the best decision available. Peeing & pooping outside is awesome, and great things come to pups that do awesome things.
Though it differs by each individual dog this is the time when most will come up with their own little way of letting you know they’ve got to go.

Once your dog knows how to get your attention when he’s got to go you can relax a little and congratulate yourself on a job well done. The first week is where the training magic happens, and the second week is all about consistency. You want your dog to be the proudest creature on earth every time he pees or poops outside. Of course, with bigger bladders and possible past experience they generally catch on really quickly. Keep them in your sight at all times and take them out every time they start to wander off.

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