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This is a sponsored post about our potty training tips written by me on behalf of Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers.
Once we reach the milestone and have day time potty training conquered, then we must face the beast of tackling night time potty training!
I recently tried out the Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers and found them to be super absorbent!  After nearly three weeks of use we did not have one leak at night!  They are specially formatted for overnight and long-trip protection.
Night time protection for babies is an important consideration for parents as their little one grows. Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers are super absorbent for overnight and long-trip protection. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers. I think that is something we learn on our on because with each child it will be so different!
We are still a bit off from this stage I think however I just had a friend asking me for some ideas on this! With my son, when he was about 18 months he started showing an interest and we worked on it, he did awesome.
I was so lucky with my first daughter she potty trained herself by watching me go potty and she only had a couple of accidents at night and has been doing good ever since! Nighttime training is so hard because there are so many reasons why accidents at night happen. I actually started potty training my son when he was 18 months and he was doing SO WELL for 2 months! It’s been a long time since mine was that age but I remember the potty training stage so well and these are great tips! Im hoping to tackle night time training with Quincy, the challenge is there is no bathroom upstairs where their rooms are, so we need to help them get downstairs! It is the first Friday of the month (really?), so we are back with the parenting tips linky, and this time because of a partnership that we are launching this month, we are going to be covering Potty Training. We have covered Night-time potty training for your child as a specific linky before near when we first started this all; however, we are widening the net for this one, so I think that we can revisit it. I KNOW that all sounds so simple, and I KNOW that it probably won’t be that simple as every child is different, but hopefully some of the posts that link up below will help you out. In addition, we are providing our charts for the FREE Potty Training Live initiative being run by Dry Like Me from the 14th July, so if you are about to start to train, do nip on over and sign up for their help too, as well as reading some of these posts below.
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You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). Sign me up to KiddyCharts Newsletter for our wonderful exclusive charts, special offers, giveaways and advice. Make sure there is adequate light and a clear bathroom for your little one to go to the bathroom. I am a HUGE fan of the GoodNites TruFit Starter Pack that I bought at CVS, near the diaper aisle last month. If you are not familiar with the TruFit, they are a soft fabric underwear that comes with disposable protection. As mentioned with it not being a diaper product, he feels like a big boy wearing real big boy underwear at night. The GoodNites TruFit Starter Pack has 2 underwear with disposable protection pads included. I would love to know how you encourage self-esteem and confidence in your kids when you are going through the potty training process?
We are still dealing with potty training and I think these will do awesome for little E for overnights. Babies urinate around the clock and then at about the average age of 18 months, as the sphincter muscles mature, toddlers will make the transition from urinating around the clock to only urinating during the waking hours as is the case with most adults. Having to urinate at night is not an issue with most adults, since when an adult's bladder is full at night, a signal goes from the bladder to the brain and we are awakened with the need to go. The key to dealing with night time accidents is slightly different from dealing with day time accidents, because night time accidents are NOT voluntary. Therefore if you child is having more than 2-3 accidents per month, I would recommend using disposable pull ups and making it less stressful on everyone involved.
I really like the mattress pads that you can put on top of the bed sheets and wrap around both sides of the mattress. If your child is wetting occasionally, 2-3 times per month, you may want to use night time cloth training pants. PTC-Comment: Potty training can be very frustrating but by the time they reach the age of 5, it starts to become a bed wetting problem and not a potty training problem. If she has already spoken to the pediatrician, she might want to look into our bed wetting alarms because some children are just really heavy sleepers.
Until, she woke up one day dry, but needed the potty urgently by the time I got to her she had already went in her pull up. PTC Comment: I do not think that you made a mistake trying to potty train her at night time. It is not unusual for children to regress while potty training, regardless of whether it is at night or during the day, but there is no reason for you to be alarmed.

PTC Comment: I am not quite sure how old your daughter is by your email and I am guessing that you are monitoring her liquid intake late in the evening.
If that is the case, you might try using a bedwetting alarm to awaken her so that she gets up to go to the potty. I have the same situation except that I have not been waking up my son throughout the night to pee as you have with your daughter. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This price is for customers who are chronically sick or disabled and exempt from paying VAT under current legislation (VAT Act 1994). Give positive reinforcement whenever possible.  Reward them for their successes and do not focus on the set backs. Ordinary diapers may not have enough absorbent capacity to handle multiple voids over long periods of time with older babies. I think Wait Until Your Child is Ready is crucial, my mother and mother in law have really been quizzing me lately and I keep trying to tell them our little isn’t ready!
I have used cloth diapers with all three of mine but had to use disposables for nighttime with each of them, due to heavy wetting.
The whole kit and kaboodle, everything from starting to Night-time training, and even just sympathy posts, as we all know that sometimes it really can feel a little bit of a trial…. Since giving up being a business analyst when juggling travel, work and kids proved too complicated, she founded KiddyCharts so she could be with her kids, and use those grey cells at the same time. He is only 4 but he really wants to be the same age as big sister Hayley (almost 7) and do all the things she does! Zane wears his GoodNites TruFit every single night and he is definitely not as embarrassed as wearing a pull-up or diaper. It is NOT a diaper so there is not need to embarrass your 4 year old by putting a diaper on them.
In my eyes it is a totally ingenious product for us moms who hate having to deal with a wet bed every morning, and for a young kid who loves to not have to wear anything but underwear at night. I am under the firm belief that if you yell at a child for having an accident, it will make it much worse and they will rebel.
My nephew is in the beginning stages of potty training but I will be sure to share these tips with my sister. Kids all grow at their own pace and I know with your support and love he’ll be having sleepovers soon. Night time potty training are for children under the age of 5, their bodies are typically growing at such a fast rate it can be hard for their bladders to keep up. MOST children can not help are having bed time accidents, and that is exactly what it is: an accident.
Your child does not have ability to control the accident, so, there are no consequences given.
Monitor the situation and try to switch to cloth training pants or underwear again, when your child is older and may have achieved night time control. Make sure that you have some mattress protection in place, so the clean up can be done easily with minimal frustration. Have at least 2 of these on hand, so if and when you have to deal with an accident at night, you do not have to strip the whole bed, but rather just change out the mattress pad. Again how you approach this depends on how often you child is wetting and your own tolerance level to accidents and accident clean up.
If you have been using pull ups already - switch to a different brand - so that you child will indeed see a difference. Most people will urinate right after waking up, and give you child the opportunity to urinate in the potty or toilet instead of the pull up. We have other articles on bedwetting that might be of some help to you in our Potty Training Tips Section on our site. If you wish to purchase at the VAT Exempt price we are required by law to collect a VAT Self Declaration.
The soft inner liner is hypoallergenic and treated with vitamin E and aloe for skin protection.
When wet mornings become the norm, parents start looking for more protection to guard against overnight leaks. I got so frustrated with my son because I tried to make him train when he wasn’t ready. I am definitely going to keep this on hand just in case we need something when the time is right for her!
I had a kindergartner during student teaching who was having issues with accidents and her father (apparently) said some negative things to her about it. I would really love to try these nighttime diapers and see how they compare to the ones we are using now. KiddyCharts now works with big family brands to help them promote their services, as well as offering free resources to parents of kids under 10.
One of those special memories Hayley is making this summer is having sleepovers with friends.
I am hoping pretty soon we will be able to take out the disposable portion because then he will be potty trained, and just sporting big boy underwear!
Zane tries to sneak his water drink before bed but we resorted to letting him have the tiniest sip and then putting his cup down for the night.

We only give him high praises when he is dry and when he is wet, we just say, “Don’t worry Zane. Bed wetting is for children from the ages of 5 up to 13 years old who have wetting accidents during the night.
Achieving night time potty control is not simply a learned skill, but rather a physiological development and the control is largely involuntary. If you child is wetting at night and is trained during the day, consult with the child's pediatrician, especially if the child is 5 years old or older. The bottom line is that just over half the children (66%) will be dry at night by the age of 3; however 33% of children or 1 in every 3 children will still wet at night when being potty trained in the day time. Then she stood up and saw that there was no dripping, she looked surprised and I think she got that the pull ups are like diapers; they hold the pee pee in.
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Zane has pleaded with me to have sleepovers but we have one big problem- he is not potty trained at night! We also remove all toys from the floor before he goes to bed so he can’t trip on his way to the bathroom. What I love about the TruFit, is I don’t have to do laundry every single day because he can wear the underwear over and over, and simply dispose of the insert, that is wet.
If you are looking for them, you must check out CVS in the diaper section aisle but don’t worry because this is far from a diaper.
The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product.
In some cases, circumstances require learning how to achieve night time control (see bed wetting section). My only caution to the usage of disposable products is the issue of confusion in the child's mind, because the disposables do not let the child feel the wetness.
However, once she got the concept of potty, she started waking up dry in the morning more and more. After that she stopped waking up for potty and started wetting the pull up almost daily and refused to take it off immediately upon awakening. I do not use pull ups at night because I am afraid she will use this as an excuse to not get up in the night and also I'm afraid it will regress the daytime potty train. She can often be found hanging about on social media, and trying to avoid stepping on the Lego her kids keep leaving lying around. He has been day trained since 3, but he is a hard sleeper, and wakes up soaking wet every single morning.
It also builds confidence because sometimes he is completely dry when he wakes up and exclaims, “Mommy… My underwear is not wet”! Oh and I have to mention the awesome coupon where you answer a series of 3 questions on Jebbit and receive a $4.00 off coupon for a GoodNites TruFit Starter Pack. It can sometimes take anywhere from a couple of months to several months, depending on the child. She even woke up in the middle of the night and asked to use the potty -still using a crib. Though I was not ready, I thought that I should start night time potty training since she demonstrated the ability earlier, I just didn't want her to be careless. While it is annoying to change the sheets, what hurts me a lot more is how disappointed he gets when he wakes up soaking wet. He really wants the ability to sleep out so I decided to come up with a few ways to get him potty trained at night.
During the first few days, she would wake up very upset if she wet the bed and demand immediate change but now she just turns around few time then goes back to sleep. She wets her bed almost every other day, and never wakes up for potty anymore.Of course I don't shame her or make feel guilty over accidents but I do reward dry days. I'm worried that I'm making even more damage than if I had kept her using pull ups, and I would be grateful for your advise. There is no right way or wrong way sometimes, it is a matter of preference and what is easier for you and your child. My daughter has been potty trained for days for just about a full year but I just started potty training for nights only four months ago.
Four months ago I decided to stop waiting for these dry diapers because she will be turning four soon and decided instead to try potty training her to get up and go pee during the night. A girlfriend suggested that I do this by taking away the pull up and start waking my daughter up to go pee. This made sense at the time so that is what I did but it is now four months later and she has made absolutely no progress and I'm still waking her up two times a night to pee.
I'm starting to get very frustrated and concerned that maybe there is something wrong with my daughter.

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