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May 16, 2014 by Sandra Leave a Comment This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pull-Ups® Training Pants and Latina Bloggers Connect. May 9, 2014 by Sandra 4 Comments This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pull-Ups® Training Pants and Latina Bloggers Connect.
November 19, 2012 by Sandra 4 Comments With five children, we are no strangers to potty training. April 15, 2014 by tipsfromamom Leave a Comment I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. When I follow these steps, my little one usually wakes up with a dry Pull-Up that can be used again the next night.
When they have been dry for about a month, I switch over to thick underwear and a Training Pad that goes under their sheets so that I protect the mattress just in case there is an accident. There are some amazing resources available on the Pull-Ups Website for Night Time Potty Training. One thing that really helped me out during this potty training process was having a potty seat for my son.
Using fun & engaging activities are a great way to get children excited to learn new things.
Related Posts3 Tips To Break The Stubborn Potty Training Phase In Your ToddlerToilet Training Your Child? A father of 2 growing kids myself, I can feel the anxiety & frustrations of first time parents especially when their once cute baby turns 2 year olds. A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Kimberly-Clark Headquarters to learn firsthand more about potty training and the Pull-Ups brand. We started they morning with the Pull-Ups history, timelines, and their innovative designs. Through the journey and products, there are also the tips that us, as parents, need to lower frustrations.
I have some of the tips I learned below (this includes ones that were successful with my other boys). Make it easy and comfortable for the toddler. Pull-Ups has Big Kid Flushable Wipes that are slightly moist. I am extremely excited about all the information and resources I learned while on the trip.

Potty when he or she comes residence at the end of the ready to use the toilet at 12 months but. But one thing I’ve found to be true for our family, is that nighttime training has been more of a challenge for our boys than it ever was for our daughter.
I’m also a Christian, wife, home schooling mom of five, pro blogger, vlogger, and kid's YouTube video creator. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
On the days I know he drank a lot of liquids, I will still put a Pull-Up on him, just in case! I started this site to document my experiences & hopefully my tips, tricks &  information can help you succeed in your parenting journey as well! Pull-Ups training pants were introduced in 1989 and the first of it’s kind in potty training. There were also the GoodNites Bed Mats, GoodNites Tru-Fit, and other products that assisted in the potty training journey.
With my older two boys, I followed their lead and read signs when it came to going number 2. They are going to happen and using a neutral tone without accusations with help the toddler stay encouraged.
This was a very relieving tip that made me understand why with one son we used Nighttime Pull-Ups for months longer than we did with another.
They look more like toilet paper versus a baby wipe, but they are closer to what the toddler is use to. We make going potty fun and exciting and big brothers are always good for that around here. In a few weeks I am hosting a Potty Party Playdate to share everything with some of my friends that have toddlers currently in the potty training stage. Pull-Ups make it easy to potty train at night because if your little one does wake up to use the bathroom, you can easily pull them down and up. My kids don’t get themselves completely clean after going number 2 until they are about 5. I don’t want to force or push it on him, however I do what I can to encourage it and keep it in front of him.

I know when Corbin puts his shorts or shoes on himself, he gets excited and he is very proud of himself.
The Time to Potty App has a timer to help remind both the parent and toddler when it is time. Our boys have taken a lot longer than this, and we still deal with bedwetting on a regular basis. So I am always the one that wipes them after number 2 so there aren’t any rashes going on. I am down to one in diapers and even though I am ready for him to be potty trained, he still has other plans. It is also helpful to connect with Pull-Ups on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to get the latest tips and advice. I have a growing hobby and love for photography and a crazy obsession with office supplies.
With my daughters, I always made sure they wiped from front to back and they also needed help until they were about 5 also. When you buy a potty training seat from The First Years, you will get a sample package of Pull-Ups FREE!
My husband goes to pick them up the next day, and the boys have fun helping me put them on their beds. As you can see, they cover most of the crib-size mattresses we use for our toddler beds, and they would have no problem fitting nicely on a twin mattress. Talk to them about the fun characters and designs that are on the front and back of Pull-Ups Training Pants.
Just as with anything else, when little ones are learning a new skill, we need to be ready to show grace when mistakes are made.

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