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Top 10 Tips for Potty Training: Compiled by our Potty Time Contributors, a quick list to get you started!
Potty Training 101: In this list of tips, our wonderful Signing Time fans share their thoughts on what worked best for them. 4 Decisions to Make Before You Start Potty Training There are many methods and philosophies on how to potty train.
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There are lots of great charts for potty training, stickers, sheets and more you can print out! I received a pack of Pull-Ups to try out for myself, and while Emma is just a tad bit too young to be potty trained I remember it well with Zoey. I was amazed by how absorbant they are, compared to diapers they seem well rounded and extra movable. I’ve always looked forward to Emma being potty trained, but at the same time I need to embrace these times… How cute to chubby little baby thighs look in Pull-Ups?
I want you guys to experience the magic of Pull-Ups as well, so I hope you’ll enter this giveaway.
Visit Pull-Ups on Facebook for more information, and don’t forget to watch their fun video! This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. Harmony B April 11, 2013 at 7:52 PM (3 years ago)Be patient and I found letting them run around naked works. D SCHMIDT April 12, 2013 at 3:43 PM (3 years ago)My best tip is to be patient and do not be too hard on your child if they have accidents.
Priscilla Benavides April 13, 2013 at 3:22 AM (3 years ago)Offer a small reward for using the restroom each time! Colleen Maurina April 18, 2013 at 10:18 PM (3 years ago)My potty training trick is to use M & Ms!
Heather April 19, 2013 at 7:15 AM (3 years ago)Don’t try pushing it before your kid is ready. Welcome to my blog where I focus on the various aspects that make for a fun and fulfilled life including recipes, DIY project tutorials, crafts for the kids, and more!

Make sure you are giving lots of praise and positive reinforcement just for sitting on the potty even if he doesn’t go. Above, a diaper change takes place at Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers at Le Poisson Rouge on Oct. By fun times I mean the first 3 years (give or take) of your child’s life when diaper changes and potty training take up at least 40% of every day. I also firmly believe it is never too early to test and decide what training pants are going to work best for my child.
The Pull-Ups Big Kid App is filled with tips, tools, games, and more to help our kids embrace the big change of using the potty. Every try deserves a little celebration, and Pull-Ups helps moms stay motivation while potty training their little ones. She is married to her high school sweetheart, pretends she is a professional photographer and is moderately clumsy. My mother in law potty trained our oldest son by giving him a penny for every time he used the potty, he was small so that was a big deal to him at that time and he even saved up a good amount of money!
My daughter the older on is almost there she goes on the potty and toilet having difficulties right now with number two.
You want to make sure she is not physically uncomfortable with eliminating or possibly afraid of having what she sees as a part of herself swirl down the drain.
My oldest grandson was scared at first, but after the first few days he finally got the hang of it.
My son the younger one knows about the potty where it is located and sometimes wants to sit on there usually right before bedtime.
You can move to reinforcements for actually going once he is at least trying on a regular bases.
As the mother of a (still diaper-donning) 26-month-old boy, I am approaching the peak of toilet trepidation, and it isn?t helped by the fact that every piece of information I come across contradicts a recommendation I already filed away. Fire Chief Pete Walsh says a lightning strike appears to have started the blaze at about 9 p.m. Emma is completely opposite of Zoey, their bodies take to different things and so far Emma has been a little easier, and she definitely took well to the Pull-Ups!
He goes to school for two days a week only for 2 and half hours and I send him there with a pullup on.
Any suggestions as to what else I may be able to do to try and get my daughter fully trained by this September she will be attending Kindergarten because she will be 5.

Yes, but be careful not to over-prompt, and whatever you do, don?t ?hover within the prompt.?
I?ve read studies with titles like ?Dry Pants: A Rapid Method of Toilet Training Children,? I?ve talked to several developmental pediatricians who have spent their careers studying toilet training. And what I?ve discovered is that, although there?s some good information suggesting when parents should potty train, and studies detailing which kids have an easier or harder time doing it, the how best to potty train part has still been largely unanswered. One report put it this way: ?Toilet training for healthy children is not a subject that invokes passion among researchers.? It also helps if she sometimes keeps a diaper dry for at least 90 minutes, a sign that her bladder muscles are under the control of her brain (rather than contracting reflexively?often hourly?as happens in babies), and if she doesn?t poop in the middle of the night anymore. These skills and behaviors come together at the different ages depending on the child, but it?s rarely before the age of 18 months, and?yes, it?s true?boys often train later than girls.
Earlier is not necessarily better, either: One study found that when parents started to intensively toilet train their children before the age of 27 months, the training took quite a bit longer than it did for parents who waited until their kids hit the 27 month mark. Government published a book called Infant Care that recommended that kids be done with toilet training by the age of 8 months.
In response, Harvard pediatrician Berry Brazelton developed a much more gradual ?child-oriented?
The technique has four stages, which go something like this: 1) Kid meets potty and sits on it, fully-clothed.
But little research has been done to evaluate how well the Brazelton method actually works.
Brazelton himself reviewed the charts of 1,170 of his patients in a 1962 paper and reported that most of the kids were potty trained by 28 months (remember this was back when parents started toilet training much earlier), but the kids weren?t necessarily trained using his method?he sometimes helped parents with other techniques, so it?s impossible to conclude much from these findings.
A second study published in 1997 evaluated 482 children who had been toilet trained using the Brazelton approach and found that 88 percent of the kids were toilet trained at 3 ? But the Brazelton approach doesn?t work overnight?research suggests that it can take five to 10 months from start to finish. And some critics point out that it?s funny that Brazelton advocates gradual training considering that he has also been a paid spokesperson for Pampers diapers?obviously, the longer toilet training takes, the more diapers children wear.

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