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If you get married and have child, you will feel somehow tired with changing the diapers for your baby all the times.
While there may be bumps in the road, being potty trained will encourage your son or daughter’s autonomy and independence.
I am careful what I post, I wanted to post a picture of how long my daughters hair was wet as it is super curly.
I think as parents, we frequently need to take a step back and ask ourselves if we would like someone to post a similar picture of us without our permission. In the old days parents would take pictures of kids in the bath, they would then come back to haunt the kids around senior graduation.
I think potty training pics are ok as long as they’re not showing their private parts. I would never post a potty training picture, but I don’t post many pictures of my kids anyways.
I have done bath pictures (with private parts covered, of course) on facebook, but not potty pictures. Just saw a FB post of a very young boy sitting on the toilet, pants down to ankles, and looking at a Maxim Magazine. These printable certificates can be used to reward toddlers who have completed the potty training process and further encourage those who have nearly completed the process. You should prepare for this so that your child will get out of diapers as early as possible. If you follow these instructions properly, your child can definitely manage to use a potty by themselves and you get more time and more convenience. If you are not patient enough or too busy so that you can’t devote 3 days for this training, you will not satisfied with this book.
So place an order and get it, you will find regret because you don’t know about this program earlier.

Many people post, tweet, YouTube and Instagram personal details of their physical and emotional lives ALL THE TIME. It was the back of her head and you could see her bare shoulders but it was mostly just her hair. There are thousands of predators lurking online and your child could be the one they are looking for! I have plenty of pictures of kidlet in the bath, and I imagine I’ll be taking quite a few when he starts potty training.
But parents need to remember online lasts forever, sharing the dirty deeds of their kids can turn into something much less than a fond memory several years down the road.
When he was first solid at going reliably I did post a photo of him smirking (in the living room, fully clothed) to a private close family and friends only Facebook page. Joking aside the breastfeeding, bath time, potty chair, or anything naked pictures just arent meant to be shared with the public.
This is not easy thing to do, but you will find it easier with Start Potty Training of Carol Cline that promises to provide readers with a proven method to quickly and easily potty train even stubborn children in only three days’ time. You will find information about From what age to start potty training, when to start potty training, night time potty training, preparing yourself and your child and what equipment you’ll need. Because, after 3 days since you get the book, your child can get out of diapers then you can save both your time and your money you have to pay for diaper monthly. A kid with pants pulled down, sitting on the potty, sometimes with the grunting expression of person pushing poop out. During those months, potty training was my main focus and, as many parents can attest, it was stressful and anything but fun. I was so incredibly embarrassed by a naked photo of myself (as a toddler) at my grandmother’s swimming pool. I did say that my oldest was diaper free, but the only people on my Facebook are close friends and family, so they wanted to know.

With Start Potty Training, your child will become obey and successfully use potty by themselves and you will not feel worry and busy with changing the diapers anymore. And one more good news is that the success rate claimed by the training program is 97,4% so I bet that you will not be 1 one of 2,6%. For them to pose for photos while pooping is no different than smiling for the camera at the park. It wouldn’t surprise me if photos of toddlers peeing and pooing on the toilet are as commonplace as first day of school pictures.
Then when my son was done I think posted something about being diaper free but no pictures. It is a big deal when your child stops using the diapers and started saying and using the toilet. This summer maybe after swimming and her hair is pulled straight from the water I will show people the extra 4 inches that show up when it is wet. There was also a picture of me, possibly having a temper tantrum, lying face down on my bed – all you can see is my little rear-end. If a private family album bothered me that much, I just can’t imagine what Facebook would have done to me. I know that sharing them on that particular page might be a bit much, even though it’s pretty much just his aunties and grandmothers looking. Point being that children don’t get to choose which pictures go in the album, parents do.
I am not saying everyone is like I am, but I would have been suicidal had I discovered naked pictures of myself all over my mother’s Facebook history.

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