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Our middle sons training was initiates because his little brother was soon to be born and, to be perfectly honest, we planned it so we would be dealing with only 1 in diapers. There aren't many older kids walking round in nappies, using a pacifier or bottle it will happen!!! Then if at the end of the week she has enough stamps let her choose to do an adventure with you.

Lucky for us he never figured out that it also increased how often we were making him brush his teeth. We started training just after he turned 2, and tried EVERYTHING (sticker and candy bribes, constant asking, several different potty seats, books about potty training). It took about 6 months to get to where he'd consistently pee in the toilet with zero accidents.

I swear, one day around his 3rd birthday, he just seemed to decide that he was ready to use the toilet.

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