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I'm glad Torts and his 3rd grade classroom approach to coaching cost the CBJ the services of its leading scorer last night. I'm not throwing him under the bus, but I'd like to hold him to a higher standard than Falk and Prout. Guess I should be glad the Nyquil kicked in shortly after going down 2-1 to the end the 1st period..
This is a commercial for the Squatty Potty, a footstool you use while dropping kids off at the pool that's supposed to unkink your bowels and provide a free-flow of children off the bus like you're letting them use both the regular door and emergency door in the back. Thanks to everyone who sent this, who are all really into unicorns, really into ice cream, and really into going to the bathroom.
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Squatty Potty founders ignore advice from their investors and make a video featuring a unicorn to promote their product, making them millions!

Video: Squatty Potty founders ignore advice from their investors and make a video featuring a pooping unicorn to promote their product, making them millions! The story of how, Bobby, Judy, and Bill ignored their investors and followed their gut, taking a big risk on a pooping unicorn that in turn made them millions.
Video: Orphaned grizzly cub rescued from Alaska gets her feet tickled by her adopted dad and bear expert Casey Anderson!
The true magical power of the Internet, is to lead yourself to watch a unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream in the world’s most WTF commercial, just to talk about the Squatty Potty, a gadget that can help you defecate and relieve your colon. Their -1 is from the first goal where Prout made the terrible pinch at the offensive blue line creating the 3 on 2. Caps are very good at finishing their chances and if you take penalties, you're pretty much asking for it. 15-1-1 was an aberration because the games no longer mattered.Our playoff hopes were dead and buried.

There are lots of other stats I could pull out to show we're a better team despite Jarmo's piss poor roster management, but I only care about wins and losses. The stats you're saying show improvement show improvement only over stats accrued over a short period of time.
The viral video campaign created more sales than anything Squatty Potty had done previously. Now, with Squatty Potty, I put my feet up and each time I go 'Oh Squatty, you saved me again!

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