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Normally here at Funny Crave, we’re all about trying to make you laugh just so you can get though your day without having to resort to some strange narcotic elixir just to take the edge off.
In order to do this, we have brought in someone that is very knowledge able on the subject, me. As everyone in the quick workout video tape industry knows, you have to constantly top your competitors. If you’re not telling your children that poop is demons trying to eat their butts, you may has well turn them in to child services or that shifty-eyed man on the street because you’re obviously doing some serious damage to them.
Your kids need to know from a very early age that poop is impure and that God will not accept them in to heaven without clean bowels. After your children have slept on the idea of the butt demons that will corrupt their souls, they will wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next morning ready to take their first fear-induced poop. Ooopps,,you reminded me of my initial potty days.My mother used to tell me that it was a challenge to give me a potty training and i was very stubborn as well. With more and more folks receiving a carry concealed license, there’s a growing interest in bringing a gun along almost anywhere without being fanny-pack obvious. For one, pockets are usually deeper and wider — much like its clothing counterpart, the tactical pant.
And if you’re ready to jump on the trend train (destination unknown!), watch how you can turn your own boring jeans into stonewashed gems.

But on days like today, we want to put all that “funny” business aside and talk to you about something real. If they say they can give you steel buns in 7 minutes, you had better damn-well be prepared to turn buns to steel in 6. Sure, you can pacify these fears by informing them that when a human dies, their muscles release their tension and the butt empties all of its contents.
By this point, your kid will be so terrified that they’ll sitting on the toilet at all hours of the day just to make sure they don’t miss even the slightest drop of poo, lest they be damned to an eternity of being poked and prodded by the fiery Overlords of the Underworld. If you get stuck in an unsavory situation, the last thing you’d want is to become a target for being armed. That means when you switch from a tactical pant to a discreet denim, you won’t have to change the placement of your gear. Well, who cares, you're here anyway.In this website you're just like a child at a grown man's urinal. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed.
But let’s save the death talk for the conversion for when daddy goes out to buy some milk and never returns. It’s for those fast-moving guys who might scale buildings and tumble across car hoods on a casual grocery store outing.

There are millions of people in this world whose babies are purposefully smacking their gobs. Someone out there thinks they can make a baby shit in a porcelain hole in three days — screw that! A simple solution to this is to tell them that when they poop in the toilet then flush it, what they’re really doing is sending the demons off to god, who will then pay them back with Heaven Dollarinis.
The digital doctor program will then test you, and give you an immediate congratulations, or condolences answer on your colonial medical condition. The more Heaven Dollarinis accumulated over a life-span, the better the chances of getting in to Heaven. We’re here to alleviate some of the tension that’s been collecting in your gobs by imparting some friendly advice to you parents out there that every morning have to tiptoe though the minefield of infant fecal matter that litters your once pristine hardwood floors. Eye Color: Now that you have completed the background information, all you have to do is press the submit button, and you will be digitally scanned.

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