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With a hand painted castle, crown shaped back rest, stars and rose decorations this Princess Wooden Potty Chair is hard to resist! Wooden Potty Chairs are really in a class all their own, with the special details such as the hand painted decor and the extra toilet paper holder and book rack.Watch your child's expression as she checks out the bright & cheery colors in this wonderful design fit for a Princess!
On one side of this adorable chair is a toilet paper holder and on the other is a rack to hold your child's favorite books.

No rough edges to hurt your toddler and it's made to last!Looking for something similar for a boy? Check out our Prince Wooden Potty Chair!FEATURES: A lid is included to be used when the training chair is not in use and a plastic cup slides out for easy cleaning. The only thing I don't get is how to make it into a rocking chair after she is done using it as a potty chair.

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